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Buffet Lunch at Sonya’s Garden

Almost a month after our college mini-reunion, I’m still craving for Sonya’s Garden buffet lunch. BIG TIME.

I’ve been to Sonya’s twice already. First was in 2009 during C and I’s first out-of-town trip to try their spa treatments. We went back a year later to buy some “pasalubong” spanish bread in their bakery. Both times we did not eat nor stayed there overnight. I wasn’t really interested to try their in-house food simply because I’m not really a fan of vegetables and “healthy” food. When in Tagaytay, the first food that comes to mind is that ever-sinful-but-super-yummy-BULALO. 🙂

So when I had this opprotunity to experience what dining is Sonya’s is about, I was so excited. Moreso, it’s my chance to reconnect with my college buddies who I haven’t seen in years!

We were there on a Sunday on a long weekend and the place was packed. Good thing, we had prior reservations so even if we were late for about an hour, we were immediately seated. Upon entering Sonya’s Garden’s dining hall, we were already awed by the cool ambience and relaxed vibe. White is the motif of the hall and even the tablecloths are white. I kept on thinking, they must have a hard time with the laundry. hehe.


Sweet Tagaytay Love

Packed our bags for two days of fun and quality time in Tagaytay. It was our first time to go on an out-of-town trip together, and I think it can’t get any sweeter… I loved every minute of it.

We’re in Tagaytay proper a little after 1pm. Checked in at Econo Inn, a small but modern hotel along Tourism Avenue in Barangay Francisco. We reserved their De Luxe Room with view a few days before, but we were led to a De Luxe Room without view! Better be sure and double check if you’re thinking of staying here. 🙂 Parking can also be a problem, but the guards were accommodating enough to help us find one.
The room size is just enough, complete with all the basics.
They also have a viewing deck, overlooking Taal Lake. Too bad it was foggy at that time, so the view wasn’t as clear as I have expected.

Tootsie’s Tagaytay
Forced ourselves to get up and went to Tootsie’s for our super late lunch (or early dinner?). Cholo’s friend, Hanna, runs the place and she entertained us with stories, and gave us suggestions on what to order.We tried Baby Back Ribs with Beans, Laing, Watermelon Shake.

We were also given complementary Palitaw for dessert. Real palitaw ha! Not the coffee ice cream topped one that disappointed us in a restaurant in Greenbelt a few weeks ago.
If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the common Tagaytay food destinations like Leslie’s and Antonio’s, I suggest you try it. You’ll love it!

Spa at Sonya’s Garden

After the hearty late lunch, our next stop: Sonya’s Garden. I specifically requested for this to be included in our itinerary because my body’s really aching for a massage for weeks now! I also read in one of the GirlTalk threads that they have really good, but affordable massage services there.

And besides, that’s going to be Cholo’s first spa experience, so it has to be really good. J

We availed of Sonya’s Signature Massage for 735 pesos for one hour. They also have Swedish and Shiatsu, but since those are also available in other spas, might as well try the best that they can offer, right?

The massage room is spacious, as compared to other spas I’ve been to in Manila. Each room has its own shower area, with complete sets of body bath and soap (I think it’s organic. Peppermint perhaps?) They provide towels and wrap around sarongs as well.

The massage is A-Okay for me. Nothing spectacular though it’s indeed relaxing, especially after a hectic week.

We weren’t able to take pictures of the place because by the time we got out of the spa, it’s already dark outside. And besides, both of us are already looking forward to rest our bodies after a long day.

Day 2, May 3


After checking out of the hotel, dropped by at Leslie’s for lunch. Pacquiao’s fight just finished so they don’t have much guests at that time. Still, we weren’t able to secure a table in the veranda, overlooking Taal lake. Too bad.

We ordered Ginataang Alimasag (my favorite!), and they were generous enough to give us one bowl of yummy Bulalo soup!

Panaderia at Sonya’s Garden

Drove at Sonya’s again after lunch to buy some pasalubong. Hanna suggested we buy their Cheese Hopia and Spanish bread and we did! Super worth it! My sisters and officemates loved our pasalubong.

This time, we had the chance to take pictures. I’d love to go back as a guest next time. 🙂

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