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Falling in Love (even more) at the Imagine Nation Prenup Marathon II!

I was planning to blog about the Prenup Marathon event last October 13 but Imagine Nation beat me to it. They’ve released a comprehensive round-up a few days ago. See the link here 🙂

So let me just add some more of my thoughts, as a marathon-er and soon to be bride..

We didnt really know what to expect so we just packed whatever nice clothes we have in our closets for the shoot. Cholo and I are both practical, so we just wanted to keep our looks simple and wouldn’t want to bring too much stuff. I had my hair and makeup done in a salon prior to going to the PNR station. Upon arrival, we were made to pick from the bowl to know which photographers are assigned to us. Each photographers have their own themes, to set the mood and feel of the shoot.

photo lifted from imaginenationphoto.com

Much to my delight, we picked the 3 protographers I was most intrigued in – Alex Ruelo (Lights, Camera, Action), Larry Leong (Rain or Shine) and Jed Ray Calara (Sweetheart Athletes). The whole shoot took about 3 hours, and it was almost dark when we finished.

Later that day, we walked away exhausted from the numerous costume changes and endless poses and smiling. In spite of these though, it’s a very unforgettable experience because I felt a deeper strenghtening of the bond  between me and my fiance. I felt our love grow stronger by leaps and bounds after the shoot.


The Perfect Proposal (Makati Garden Club. 05.18.12)

Yes, you read it right. I’m getting married… finally! 🙂

Finally because as a single mom, there were times when I was losing hope already that I will be able to find someone who will be willing to take the risk with me.

… and because ever since Cholo and I became an item, I have been secretly dreaming of spending the rest of my life with him.  I think it has even turned into a funny obsession already at some point. Hehe.

I met Cholo 5 years ago at work. We were both headhunters from sister companies, so although we’re in the same building and attend the same company events, we have different sets of friends and not really talk at all. It was only in 2009 when we really became friends and discovered our common interests in blogging, photography, travel, and food. We were also both graduates of UP.

The next three years went by and we are stronger than ever. Cholo is the kindest and most understanding man I have ever met, and he loved me and was always there for me. Most especially, my son adores him and vice versa. That, in itself, is more than enough for me.

I have been secretly waiting for him to propose marriage for the past year of our relationship. I had false expectations several times, and was beginning to lose hope. But… what I don’t know is that he has been secretly preparing for that day… and he made sure I will never ever forget.

The Proposal

May 18, 2012 was a very stressful day for me. I was about to deliver a presentation to all employees during our company’s townhall and I was so stressed for most of theday. That night, my friend Michelle asked me out for dinner “in a new hang-out place she wanted to try out in Makati.” Cholo was on sick leave that day so I agreed.

We met at Leviste in Makati where a cab was already waiting for us.  The driver took us to this place inside Urdaneta Village where “the said hang-out place” is. It was Makati Garden Club.

Upon entering the place, the first person I saw was another friend – Pam. First thing I noticed were the rose petals by her feet. Then there were photographers. At that point I wasn’t able to recognize anyone other than Pam. She handed to me a balloon with a photo of Tagaytay and inset was Cholo and I’s photo. There was also a handwritten note from Cholo for me to read.

the Tagaytay note read: Hi love! Tagaytay was our very first out of town trip together. It was the beginning of many “firsts” in our relationship. From then on, I knew we had something very special 🙂

By then I knew. That was it. The moment I have been waiting for!

Our Girl’s Birthday Dinner at Chelsea

My sister Nini celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday over dinner at Chelsea Market and Cafe at Serendra. As you know, I recently won Php 1,000 worth of GCs in an online contest in femalenetwork.com. Ironically, that contest was about honoring the most important women who were able to make a big influence in our lives – and for me, that’s Nini.

At 16 years old, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. For more than two years, she endured the pains and sacrifices of her chemotherapy treatments. We thought we already lost her several times. But she fought the battle. And won! She’s now in remission from her illness, and is now back to her normal self. 🙂

How she survived the battle is a miracle for all of us. I was a witness to all of what she has to go through . But I guess her strong faith overpowered it all. And I’m proud of her. She made me believe in happy endings again.

Chelsea, our restaurant of choice, is a modern American restaurant just beside Mary Grace, another favorite of ours. We were with our pet dog Brix and had to sit in one of the tables outside, so we weren’t able to take pictures of the interiors. From the outside though, the place looks bright and happy. Looks more like a deli restaurant to me actually.

as appetizer, we were served free foccacia bread with a bulb of garlic. I like the ones being served at Italianni's though, but it's free so we're all happy! 🙂

Beer Battered Fish and Chips (Php 495) - comes with two big slabs of breaded fish and a handfull of fries. for me, the fish was too salty (though C says it's supposed to taste that way) and oily. the mayo dip kinda balances the taste though

The Classic Carbonara (Php 450) - loved the crunchy bacon bits and the flavorful sauce!

Seafood Linguini (Php 495) - we ordered another pasta because the waiter told us that their pasta servings are only good for two. t was too late when we realized that a pasta is good enough for the four of us. The seafood pasta is okay and nothing extraordinary though. I was shocked to see super big mussels though! I wish they'd have more seafood toppings still.
Five Cheese Pizza 10" (Php 495) - Didn't like this pizza as much. It looks good but wasn't able to meet my expectations after one bite.
Toblerone Torte (Php 310/slice) – It was supposed to be a surprise, but the staff wasn’t able to pull it off very well. I was expecting the waiters to sing a birthday song, instead, they just gave the cake to her. I specifically requested for a candle, so there. 🙂

All in all, ambience was very nice. The food was average though. And for the price, I think I was robbed. Hehehe. I will probably go back here again, to try the other food in the menu, in order for me to fully understand what the rave on Chelsea is about. 🙂



Chelsea Market & Cafe
Foodparks by Raintree Inc.
Piazza Serendra
Open daily: 11am-11pm
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