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My Wedding Gown by Amonn Velasco

I had a hard time deciding how my wedding gown will look like. What I was only sure of is that I don’t want to splurge much but I want to look sexy and modern, without veering away from my style and personality.

When I first met Amonn last September, I knew he’s the one. His sketch was spot on, his price reasonable, and he can do Cholo’s attire as well. He had very reasonable packages, but we later on decided to just get the “major ones” from him. He’s also very flexible, and his shop (whose interiors I really really love!) is just nearby.


And here is my own gown’s sketch!

amonn 3

My gown has two looks – the tulle skirt is detachable, such that during the reception my skirt will be a mermaid-style, all lace sexiness!!!

I’m so excited! I am praying and putting all my hopes and confidence that Amonn can execute the design. I can’t wait for my first fitting in March! :)

Trial Hair and Make-up with Beauty Call

Beauty call is one of two suppliers that we booked though wedding fairs (yup, only 2.. we made sure we wouldn’t fall into the common trap of being blinded with freebies and sweet promises :-) ). We got the chance to chat with Joy, one of the artists, and upon learning that they know our photographers very well, we booked them on the spot.

That was 4 months ago..

Today I had my trial hair and makeup with Eula Esmeralda of beauty call. We are having our video shoot with Stephen wedding films in the afternoon so I purposely scheduled my trial session with her today. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone!


We went to beauty call’s newly renovated studio in Greenhills. Going there is a breeze.. They are conveniently located in between Abenson and Amici along Connecticut street. Since they’ve just recently renovated, the studio is still bare of decorations, but I so love the pink walls!

This is me before…




And after!


During trial, Eula did the airbrush makeup technique on me. I’ve always been intrigued by airbrush and have always wondered why it’s so much more expensive. Well, it has a more polished finish, and I think actual application is easier and faster, but after an hour under the sun, my pores were visible already. I guess airbrush is better if you’re doing the shoot indoors, but it still worked well for me today.

Overall, I love my look! The curls of my hair stayed even until evening, and my make-up didn’t need much touch-up all throughout the day! I love the sweet look and the romantic curls. I know Eula and her team will do a great job on our wedding day!


Shooting our Concept Video with Stephen Wedding Film

Stephen Prado is a promising young videographer slowly making a name in the wedding industry. After watching probably hundreds of wedding videos online, one of the few videographers whom Cholo liked was Stephen. After our initial meeting last July, we booked him for the wedding already.

One of my reasons for favoring Stephen would be his creative and pocket-friendly concept videos. We had raw videos of the proposal that we would like to share during the wedding and Stephen agreed to do it. We just had a little difficulty communicating as he was so busy last December but I regard him highly for still attempting to update us even if he’s super busy.


Today we had our video shoot with Stephen’s team. And nag-enjoy talaga kami! They’re funny and easy to work with, and Stephen was very patient in directing us on what to do. I can’t wait to see the videos!


Side note: where else did we shoot our video but Makati garden club? Great ambiance, privacy, beautiful garden, accessible, and most of all, we got it for free! This is where Cholo proposed so this place will always have a very special spot in our hearts. :)


Edited to add: Our concept video is out! So beautiful that I cried when I watched it first! Check the link here 🙂


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