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Enchanting Casa San Pablo


This overnight trip is the first part of my elaborate surprise for C on our first Christmas together. If there’s one thing that we have in common, that would be our love for travel – and the adventure and photo opportunities that go with it. And Casa San Pablo was able to give us all that – and more!

I’m dividing this story into three parts. I’ll start here with a tour of the surroundings, our room, and the food. The next blog post will be about my suggestions on how to enjoy your stay at the Casa, and the last will be our amazing local cruise balsa-style in Lake Pandin.


Casa San Pablo has interesting artistic rooms inside the Kay Inay Resort compound. Each room is unique in the sense that they have different inspirations and themes in various sizes. We were billeted in the Hot Wheels Room.

Don’t expect five-star accommodations here. The rooms are very basic, some furnitures are old, including the air-conditioning unit in our room. But for me it adds up to the overall appeal of the place. It’s very homey, like you’re just n a vacation in your grandmother’s ancestral home.

The guestrooms don’t have TVs and refrigerators as well. If you want cold water inside your room, they will give you a cooler with your choice of drinks inside. Those that will be consumed will be charged separately.

The Food

The Php 1,750 per pax package already includes our overnight stay with two meals. Like the room, the food also tastes like home. I read that they serve meals buffet-style, but since there were only two rooms occupied that night, they just prepared food for two tables for both our dinner and breakfast.

Our Sumptuous Dinner

Yummy Breakfast

I love the room! I love the food! But what’s happening inside the Casa? Find out here.

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