A Weekend Getaway at CALLOSPA

I’m a big fan of short but sweet weekend getaways near the metro. It’s a cheap and effective way to relax and de-stress, and most especially, bond with C and/or my family and friends. During these trips, I love exploring hidden and cozy BED AND BREAKFAST INNS! This series will guide you through our search for the best B&B in the Philippines. Let me know if you have any suggestions! 🙂

The idea for our second monthsary is just to relax while enjoying each other’s company, since the past weeks have been very stressful for both of us. So instead of celebrating on July 2 which falls on a weekday, we just decided to skip it altogether (just had dinner at Cibo in Rockwell) and head somewhere out of town last weekend.

After browsing through several blogs and forums, we decided to book a room at Callospa in Antipolo.

Callospa is a garden spa resort located in Brgy. San Roque in Antipolo, just an hour away from Makati. Their spa facility is complemented very well by the medium sized pool, badminton courts, a conference hall for weddings and other events, and several rooms for those who want to spend the night.

Touring Ilocos for Less than 5k!

Here is our general itinerary going to Ilocos last June 2009, featuring the sights of Pagudpud, Laoag, and Vigan. Hope this will be able to help those who are planning to explore these wonderful sights of North Luzon.


We chose the cheaper but more time-consuming route – via bus – going to Ilocos. We would have wanted to try Florida Bus Lines’ more comfortable units but since we didn’t buy tickets beforehand, we weren’t able to secure seats. Good thing, I did a back-up reservation at RCJ Lines just across the street (they accept pencil reservations). Bus fare costs Php 500 (per pax/one way), travel time: 12 hours, bus leaves at 9pm.


Backpacking Ilocos


Picturesque sights. Breath taking view. Historical landmarks. Powder white sand. Deep blue sea. Friendly people. Awesome food. Affordable rates. Find out why ilocos is the backpacker’s ultimate dream destination.
Armed with our bags, cameras, and an itinerary written in a small piece of paper (we have the trusty lonely planet anyway), Cholo and I bravely faced our fears to conquer our dream of exploring Ilocos. It took us almost two weeks of planning and research and another two weeks of eagerly waiting before we were finally able to pack our bags for 4 days and 3 nights in Ilocandia.
  Why Ilocos? It is for three major reasons, initially: Number 1 is accessibility. We can just hop on the bus, and there aren’t any boat rides. (The plane is also an option but we chose not to book anymore because of the erratic weather. PAL’s cheapest offering is 800 one way to laoag, not bad!). Number two are the beaches of pagudpud, said to be the boracay of the north. Third, but not least, is Vigan. And because we’re both wannabe photographers, we have been looking forward to click away in calle crisologo even before this crazy idea crossed our minds! 🙂


So last June 11, we boarded RCJ Lines – the bus that will take us to Ilocos. 


Twelve hours and four stopovers later, we knew, the long and bumpy ride was worth it. 

 The verdict? Best vacation ever! Follow our footsteps in Amazing Ilocos by clicking the links below: 



Pagudpud Paradise 


Food Trip in Laoag 


Photoholic Vigan 

Pagudpud Paradise

Friday, June 12, 8:30am – got off the bus in Sentro (Pagudpud townproper). We were picked up by Kuya Joseph, our designated tour guide as referred by Mean, the owner of Polaris BeachResort. The resort is strategically situated a few steps away from Saud Beach, and is very popular in the GirlTalk threads. The rate of Php 1000 per night is a steal, and the only downside is that the rooms don’t have television sets. The rate doesn’t include breakfast yet as well.

We had breakfast at the Polaris Restaurant/Bar at the Ground floor, rested for a few minutes and called up Kuya Joseph so we can already start the tour.

Food Trip in Laoag

Saturday, June 13 – Kuya Joseph picked us up again to bring us to Sentro where the buses going to Laoag are situated. There aren’t any available aircon buses, so we settled for the regular non aircon rides that lasted for two hours. After getting off at the bus terminal in Laoag City, we went straight at La Elliana Hotel to freshen up, before enjoying what Laoag has to offer.  

Photoholic Vigan

Sunday, June 14 – Travelling from Laoag to Vigan is much longer and tiring than our previous Pagudpud-Laoag trip. After getting off Vigan Town Proper, we hailed a tricycle to bring us to Villa Angela, where we are booked to stay overnight.

Villa Angela Heritage House

Villa Angela is one of the well known heritage houses converted to a hotel in Vigan. This is where Tom Cruise stayed when he was filming “Born on the Fourth of July” in 1989. We spent the night their Cuatro Pequeno room, with four poster beds complete with hanging white curtains to ward off mosquitoes.



Because I'm Having a Bad Week

Don’t you just hate it when you want something so bad but didn’t get it? When you know you did your best but in the end, you realized your efforts still isn’t enough?

It could be a job or a person. My most recent frustration though involves the former.

Today I received “the email” from the company who I met a few days ago. There goes my dream job. Momentarily, I was devastated.

It didn’t help that for the past weeks I’ve been contemplating on moving to a new job. I am happy with how my career as a headhunter has progressed with my current company, but after 5 years, I feel that I’m ready. Lately, I am yearning for a new environment where I will get new learnings and face new challenges. I am beginning to despise my old routine in my comfort zone.

So when the opportunity came in, especially when I was assured that I was able to give an impressive presentation, I had high hopes. I thought that was the job and the break I was waiting for. In short, I expected too much, which I know isn’t good, based on my experiences in the past. Why don’t I learn?

After the initial shock and frustration though, I realized that I shouldn’t hate nor doubt myself because of what happened. The job just isn’t for me, that’s it. Maybe it was really meant for someone else who needs it more than I do.

I still believe that everything happens for a reason. Cliche, but true. There is a reason why I am staying with the firm.

Or, something better, something that’s really cut out perfectly for me, will come along.

First Monthsary @ Cafe Juanita

Yes, he’s the reason why you always see me smiling these days. I’m even smiling more last June 2 because that day marks our first month as a “couple.”

And to celebrate it, he surprised me with a romantic dinner at Cafe Juanita. It’s my first time there and I had no idea where we’re going until we reached the place. He said he wants to keep it a secret (after bugging him in ym earlier that day though, he gave me two clues: that we’re going to a resto that serves Filipino cuisine, and that the place is colorful – yes, colorful indeed!) 🙂

The ambiance is great – so many colors and shapes put together but somehow, it’s able to create the unique atmosphere. No wonder it’s become a popular destination for dates in the metro.

ringing the bell is the easiest way to catch the waiters’ attention

Guess who? (lol)

Love how they decorated the place. I guess they do pay a lot for cleaning.

Different masks adorn the walls
It was raining on our way to Pasig, hence, there’s heavy traffic especially in Shaw Boulevard. We were both hungry already. And it didn’t help that just by looking at the menu and reading the descriptions, I can already taste it. Hahaha. So here’s our take on the food that we ordered:

We were disappointed with the Burong Filipino…

But were so satisfied with the Crispy Pork Binagoongan!
… and shared creme brulee for dessert. Sweet.
Overall rating: Happy and satisfied. Food was great. Ambiance, even better.
Perfect place to celebrate such a perfect moment, with the perfect person . 🙂
He gave me a bouquet of flowers the previous day (June 1) because he thought I said “yes” May 1. Flowers were lovely anyway, so who am I to make a big deal out of it? 🙂 At least, we’re clear now, right?
As for me, I prepared a cheesy powerpoint presentation of how we started. It was two days in the making! The idea was to send it to his office email at midnight so it will be the first email he’d read in the morning.
I guess by now you know how head-over-heels in love I am right now. Everyday, I thank God for giving me the man that I’ve always dreamed of. Even if we’re officially together for just a month, I know he’s someone who I can trust my heart with. And I will forever treasure each moment that we are together.
Watch out for more of our stories soon!
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