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Asia Select in Subic!!!!

Last April 18 – 19, the whole ASI family went to Subic! This is our second company outing this year, first being in Caliraya with our sister company last month (talk about global recession, huh? 🙂

We rented a house in Captain’s Village to accomodate all 25 of us, then spent the whole afternoon in Camayan Resort.
So, anong ginawa ng ISO-certified headhunters sa Subic?
1. Nagpa-picture sa Veranda


2. Nagpa-picture sa loob ng bahay



3. Nagnakaw… este… namitas ng mangga (with permission sa caretaker yan ha. hehe)


4. Nagpaka-busy sa kitchen yung iba


5. … and nagpaka-busy kumain yung natira. (including me. haha)


6. Nag-swimming



7. Yung mga ayaw mag swimming, nagkwentuhan sa tabi ng dagat



8. Nag beach volleyball



9. Nag videoke




10. Nag tong its



11. (Uminom – walang evidence though. hahaha) Tumambay the following day



12. Nag-bonding ng todo todo!


I love my Asia Select family! This trip actually brought us closer, and hopefully, this could translate to a better year for all of us. Next year ulit!

My First Zip Line Experience

I’m never really an “extreme adventure” fan. In my lifetime, the boldest I have done is riding the roller coaster in Enchanted Kingdom! I tried it just for the heck of it, and with my uncle holding my hand until I was safely tucked in my seat just so I wouldn’t run. Hehe.

Yeah, I’m a coward. I must admit. 🙂

But then, we went to Caliraya last weekend for our company outing/team building and I fell in love with the Zip Line! It was super fun! So, this is how it feels. Peaceful and liberating.

– May J

PMAP COnference and Awards Night, Bagiuo City 2008

The Personnel Management Association of the Philippines recently held its annual conference and awards night in Baguio City. I was one of Asia Select’s delegates for the 3-day event wherein HR Managers and Executives gather together to honor the best practices of companies and HR practitioners who excelled in their respective fields.

This year, Petron Corporation was awarded as the Employer of the Year. The HR Manager of the year also came from Petron. Ayala Corporation, on the other hand, won the HR Program of the Year.

This year’s PMAP’s theme is “Sa Tao Magkakatalo (People Make the Difference).” After attending several talks and seminars, I realized the importance of people in the organization. Employees, in order to perform at their best, should be properly motivated, amply compensated, and supported. And HR plays an integral part in maintaining harmony and effectiveness in its people.

Kudos to the organizers and officers of PMAP!

ajie, anne, and me at the Baguio Country Club Veranda

me, sir pepe, ajie, and anne at the Dinner hosted by Mr. Zulueta at the Cotterman Room of BCC

mike, gilbert, Mr. Zulueta, and Vhik

sir tony, me, vhik, and sir pepe at the BCC Ballroom

that’s me at the awards night…

the Asia Select Group on our way back to Manila – stopover at Isdaan in Tarlac

Singapore, Again!

I was in Singapore again last July 29 – 31. Unlike the first trip last January though, this time, it’s all just about business!! We barely had time to walk around and shop. Most of the time, we’re in just one hotel interviewing candidates.

It’s a pleasure meeting some of the icons in the Direct Selling Industry in Singapore. And I love our client’s office! Super sophisticated!

Aside from interviewing candidates through, we also met with some more people. We dropped by Marriot Hotel to chat with Atty. Leabres of Merck. she’s our successfully-placed candidate-turned client who’s very happy with our service so far. Natuwa naman ako when she said:

“She’s (me) very charming and sincere that’s why she can easily get the attention of good candidates. Yung iba kasi, turn off.”

Of course, it’s nice to hear good comments from these people. Makes me feel that I’m on the rigt track (kuno). Haha.

I also met with my client turned good friend Lisa of wgsn at the Starbucks in Centerpoint Mall. Hopefully, I’ll be off soon. Secret pa yan. Sana matuloy. Haha.
Jeanne, my good friend way back college also met me at Wisma Atria. She’s a Technical Writer now in Sg. I miss her so much! Grabe, bait ng abaeng to, sobra!
Syempre, we ate at Bon Tong Kee, home of the best Hainanese Chicken in Singapore! I also bought shoes in Charles and Keith. Other than that, tulog lang ako sa hotel. Hehe. It was a short but sweet adventure all in all.
Till next time, SG!

Falling in Love with Singapore

If there is one word that will describe my Singapore experience, that would be “unique.” I’m still in awe, even up to now, with the country’s harmonious blend of culture, architecture, and sophistication. I love the country’s discipline, cleanliness, and the Singaporeans’ simple but elegant approach to life. If I were to work outside the country, this country will definitely be at the top of my list.

Day 1, January 25

Straight from our India trip, Sir Pepe and I were in Singapore already at 9am. We went straight to Grand Central Hotel to leave our bags, rode the train going to the Novena Church to hear mass.

Sir Tony, Ms. Ajie, and Mr. Zulueta, arrived at the hotel after lunch. After checking in, we ate at Boon Tong Kee at
River Valley Road, said to be home of the best Hainanese Chicken in Singapore!
Then dropped by Ntan Office in Orchard Road to meet our partners and discuss a little bit about business.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking, only making quick stops to take pictures of each other.

Day 2, January 26

We had breakfast at Raffles Hotel. Best I’ve experienced so far. The hotel was built in 1887, and was declared a National Monument 100 years after. The elegant interiors and excellent service makes it hands down worthy to be called the jewel in the crown of the hospitality industry in Singapore.

After lunch, we went to One Degree 15 Marina Club, an exclusive yacht club in Singapore.

Day 3, January 27

Explored Sentosa, Singapore’s popular island resort, with my good friend Diane!

Then Clark Quay for a round of drinks before going home.

– I feel safer in Singapore than in India. Maybe because I blend in the crowd.
– I love the food! I’m a noodle person, and there are a lot of noodle houses there!
– Transportation is not a problem. You can walk, or take the train. Cab rates are more expensive, but you can always take the bus as well.
– Cigarettes are super expensive! Liquors too! Food, on the other hand, is reasonable. You can get a full meal at SGD5, or about Php 150.

Exotic India

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. I was lucky enough to explore this country on a business trip in 2008. Sharing with you now my adventures and misadventures in this exotic – but interesting country.

DAY 1, January 21

Left Makati a little after lunch to catch our 2pm flight to Singapore. Sir Pepe and I sat for a while at the Singapore Airlines lounge, and boarded the plane at around 3pm.

By 7pm, we were at the SIA Lounge once again, waiting for the 8pm flight to Mumbai, India. It’s a 5-hour flight this time, and it helped that Singapore Airlines has the best planes I have ever been to. Best of all, their Singapore Sling (a traditional kind of cocktail drink, originating from Raffles Hotel in Singapore) is the best.

We arrived Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai at around 12 midnight. The airport is still under renovation at that time. The interiors reminded me of the Dammam Airport in Saudi Arabia some years back. Since our Signium office is in Pune, we had to endure another three hours land travel via a private car that they rented for us. We arrived at the Grand Hotel at around 4am (6:30am Manila time).

My room at the Grand Hotel is nice, complete with hot water, cable TV, mini ref, queen size bed, and a mini sala.

Connaught Place in Pune

The flight itself, waiting for connecting flights, and the land travel was too much for me. I was asleep before I knew it.

DAY 2, January 22

Woke up at 9am, had breakfast with Sir Pepe then went to the Signium Office and spent the whole morning exchanging views and planning for 2008 company directions. They normally start office at 10am and end at 7pm. For lunch, we ate at Mainland China, one of the best Chinese restaurants in India.

That night, the whole office except Sir Pepe (who’s having allergy attacks again) toured me at Choki Dhani, an ethnic village park where they showcase their rich culture. Deepra, our Country Manager for India, said that Chokhi Dhani means ” a small beautiful hamlet” , and has maintained its rich art & culture image with its host of Folk Dance s- Ghoomer, Kalbelia, Bhopa Bhopi, Chaupal, etc….Village Artisans too show case their skills with the depiction of Kumbhar and Lohar. It is a concept created to give 3 generations an experience of their roots .

Had the chance to taste authentic Indian food, and see their traditional dances. An astrologer gave me a free palm reading and told me I’m getting married at age 27. Also had a mendhi, similar to our henna tatto, but this one is like mud when applied, then leaves marks when dried off.

Chokhi Dhani entrance gate

ice lollipop station

pottery making

dance number

signium boys


colorful, spicy, indian food


DAY 3, January 23

Spent the whole morning meeting with our business partners regarding our existing searches in Africa. Finally had the chance to meet Ashok, owner of 360 degrees India, who I keep on communicating with as regards our cross boarder assignments.

It was my free time the whole afternoon. Went on a shopping expedition at Hongkong Lane to buy earrings and pasalubongs. Patel was kind enough to go with me and we rode the rickshaw.

That night, we rode the train to Mumbai. It was another 3-hour trip. We booked the business class seats, but business class is more like the regular PNR seats that we have here. I can just imagine how the regular seats look like. The Mumbai station, when we arrived, was jampacked with people! We immediately hailed a cab off to our hotel.

mumbai at night
Stayed at West End Hotel right across Bombay Hospital. It’s an old hotel (built in 1970), with bigger rooms! Imagine, I have an ante room, a sala, a 6-seater dinner table, 2 single beds – all by myself! The room is eerie, maybe it’s because of the hospital across the street? For the first time I got scared. I slept with the TV and all the lights on. Haha!

Had one round of drinks with Deepra and Sir Pepe at Ruby Tuesday at Nariman Point before calling it a day.

Day 4, January 24

The next day we conducted Search and Selection Training with India Select and Signium employees.

After that, we had a quick stop at High Street Phoenix Mall. Then had a round of drinks with Anil, Priya, Amisha, and Ankita.

Off to the airport to catch our Singapore Flight at 6pm.


· I enjoyed the hospitality of Indians. They are also like us Filipinos, who extend extra effort to make visitors feel at home. I was able to bond quite easily with Priya, Anil, Deepra, Amisha, and Ankita even if I spent just a few days with them.
· Food is really too spicy for my taste. So if you’re eating in a restaurant and you don’t dig spicy food, you may ask them to make your food less spicy. If you have sensitive stomach and appetite, I suggest you bring lots of crackers.
· Be extra careful. I lost my 100 dollars in the hotel. I left my bag inside the hotel room when I went down for breakfast, and only realized that I lost it when we were already in Mumbai. I’m not sure though for I might have dropped it somewhere, but it pays to be extra careful next time.
· It’s colder in Mumbai than in Pune. Mumbai is the financial capital of India, more like our Makati, but it’s also more crowded. Pune is said to be their educational capital, since there are a lot of universities there. They also have a lot of motorcycles there.

– Meters of their cabs are outside the vehicle. Some drivers have the tendency to over charge though. So make sure you are familiar with the rates.

All in all, my India experience is very memorable. I would love to go back, hopefully on my own time, so I can visit their other tourist spots like Taj Mahal.

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