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Thought for the Day

“Dating is a horribly confusing human process. It seems that its nearly impossible to know when you’re right about a person. So we read magazines, we ask our friends for advice, we call our ex. But maybe the way to have a more successful relationship is to ask fewer questions, seek less advice, think not so much, and just experience the person, smells and all – and go with that very deep whispering voice in the center of our chest known as instinct.” -A Bouroughs

– Thanks Anna for sharing. 🙂

27 on 27

Yep, I’m turning 27 exactly a month from today. Three more years and I’m saying goodbye to my bittersweet 20s. Here I am again when I say, “how time flies.” Yes, indeed.

It was a long and tiring journey, but I believe I fought a good battle, and I can smell my “happy ending” already. Good for me, eh?
So today, I’m writing 27 thoughts in preparation for my 27th birthday. It should be broken down as follows: 7 I WISH (my birthday wishes) + 10 I WILL (goals in the “near” future) + 10 I THANK (things to be thankful for).
1. I want a looong vacation away from all work-related stress, and other distractions. I want to sleep in a room overlooking the beach; enjoy the sun during the day, catch the sunset, and wait for wishing stars at night. In between all these, I want to eat all the seafoods I can take, and sip margaritas by the shore.
2. I still want an iPhone. But I guess this is impossible unless someone will give one to me, or if ever I win a raffle. There’s still hope though, so I’m still keeping it in my list. 🙂
3. Good health for Nini and Angelo, most especially. I, more than anyone, knows how difficult and emotional and financially painful it is to have a sick member of the family. I hope we’re all gonna be okay. No more sickness please.
4. I want a new black bag (my office bag is soooo beaten already!) and that shoes from Charles and Keith that I’ve been eyeing since June! Argh!
5. On my birthday, I want to watch Richard Poon with my sisters and treat them for a quiet dinner afterwards. I wish he’d be having a mini concert in Eastwood by then (he’s there every Tuesday, hopefully his schedule didn’t change though). It’s my way of giving back to them for alternating as Angelo’s guardian whenever I can’t be around.
6. I wish for peace in my heart and less conflicts at work, and all those people around me. And I wish those who matter most continue loving me and caring for me.
7. I want to be surprised. For a change.
1. I will save enough dough to be able to enroll at “Style Studio” for my dressmaking lessons. I really want to learn how to make my own clothes and make a business out of it…
2. But first, I need to but my own Industrial Sewing Machine so I can practice at home. 🙂 So I will have to buy one.
3. I will minimize/completely take out of my system all my vices/bad habits. That includes smoking, occasional drinking, making “kutkot” my nails, and scratching my allergies like crazy. Smoking should be number 1 – I know I said I’d quit smoking when I get pregnant again, but I feel it’s time for me to. It doesn’t do me anything good anyway.
4. I will do my best to LOSE WEIGHT! – has been my wish ever since I can remember, but I lack the discipline to work out and burn calories! I’m a yo-yo dieter, and I tend to starve myself! I will enroll in a gym, or jog – whichever’s more comfortable. 🙂
5. Save. Save. Save for the rainy days. Open a new bank account for my emergency fund. Budget more and stick to it!
6. I will travel more and explore. I want to save up for that Indochina Tour. I want to experience Boracay. I want Angelo to see Disneyland in Hongkong. I want to backpack the Bicol Region.
7. Exert more effort to be closer to God. Learn to love and understand my parents more, especially my Mom. Strive to be a better Mom. Give more time and attention to Angelo.
Be a more loving sister. And be the most supportive and loving partner.
8. Go to the doctor and surrender myself to the pain of every tests I have to undergo. I’m not sick but I know I have to go to my OB Gyne, Dentist, and Surgeon (to have my cyst operated), and Allergicologist (to know the source of my allergies).
9. Love myself, more than anything. I don’t want to wake up one day again and realize that I have lost my self-worth once again.
10. I will never stop dreaming. Marriage, a dream wedding, a house, a nice car, a good and saisfying job. God will give these to me when the right time comes, I know. Until then, I will never stop praying, wishing, and hoping. And that’s all that matters. 🙂
1. God, for all the blessings.
2. Angelo, for loving me unconditionally, and for inspiring me to fight the hardest battles
3. My family, for always backing me up
4. My boss and my officemates for making every single day in the office bearable
5. My friends who have remained true all these years
6. The “angels” that God sends for me everyday.
7. Brix fr lighting up the house with your cuteness and innocence.
8. Those who believe in me…
9. … and those who don’t.
10. Most especially, C – for your love, patience, and understanding. I can never find someone like you. Thank you for inspiring me and for making me happy each day.
Advance Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

Because I'm Having a Bad Week

Don’t you just hate it when you want something so bad but didn’t get it? When you know you did your best but in the end, you realized your efforts still isn’t enough?

It could be a job or a person. My most recent frustration though involves the former.

Today I received “the email” from the company who I met a few days ago. There goes my dream job. Momentarily, I was devastated.

It didn’t help that for the past weeks I’ve been contemplating on moving to a new job. I am happy with how my career as a headhunter has progressed with my current company, but after 5 years, I feel that I’m ready. Lately, I am yearning for a new environment where I will get new learnings and face new challenges. I am beginning to despise my old routine in my comfort zone.

So when the opportunity came in, especially when I was assured that I was able to give an impressive presentation, I had high hopes. I thought that was the job and the break I was waiting for. In short, I expected too much, which I know isn’t good, based on my experiences in the past. Why don’t I learn?

After the initial shock and frustration though, I realized that I shouldn’t hate nor doubt myself because of what happened. The job just isn’t for me, that’s it. Maybe it was really meant for someone else who needs it more than I do.

I still believe that everything happens for a reason. Cliche, but true. There is a reason why I am staying with the firm.

Or, something better, something that’s really cut out perfectly for me, will come along.

It's a Date on Mother's Day :D

My sisters and Angelo celebrated my 7th Mother’s Day with me. We all agreed to just go to Megamall to have dinner and find a photo studio for our “Mother’s Day Pictorial.” Here are some of our pictures:

Apologies for the low quality photos. Apparently, the studio doesn’t provide soft copies so we just had those scanned. 🙂

Nini and Ging gave me flowers! Angelo wrote me a letter.

I never thought I’d end up as a mother – raising a child alone – at such a young age. I was your average goody-two-shoes-girl-next-door before all these happened. I’ve been to such a loooong and painful, but fulfilling, journey. Until now, I’m still learning. Everyday’s still a challenge. I never lost hope though, and that’s one of the things I’m so proud of.

Even now I still dream of getting married someday. In a beautiful church. I, wearing a long, white gown. My friends and family all around me. My groom waiting for me at the altar. My experience has taught me that God has a plan for everything.
Right now, all I can say is that I’m happy. I love the people around me, and I know they love me too! 🙂 
I will never trade them for anything else in the world.


– May J

DIY Puerto Galera Weekend Getaway

I’m back in Puerto Galera after two years! And nothing’s changed, I must say… still the same white beach that we enjoyed the last time. 🙂

This time though, i’m with a date! Who else, but my Angelo! This was our first out-of-town trip together for this year.

me and angelo waiting for the ferry from Batangas port

with us are Jessa, Madel, and Jessa’s former officemates from Moldex

We arrived Puerto Galera White Beach at around 3pm (too heavy waves on the way, i’m telling you… Angelo was so scared!), settled down in our room, and started enjoying the sun!

The following day, we hung out at the beach some more and tried snorkelling! My baby’s so brave, he even joined us and had so much fun with nemo and colorful starfishes!

getting ready to snorkel!

It was a tiring, but fun trip. A month later, it was in the news that a boat going to Galera capsized. Looks like this will be our last trip to this island. Or maybe next time, we’ll take the much safer Supercat.

Kilig Moment

Pano nga ba magka-crush? 🙂

It’s been a while since I had one. He was my officemate. And our other officemates teased me like crazy! Haha. But it’s a cute feeling. Besides, that’s about four years ago? Tagal na! Haha.

After that, and several failed relationships since, I thought I’ve outgrown this feeling already. Recently though, I’m beginning to think I’m developing this “something” for “someone.” No one knows about it YET. Kinikilig lang akong mag-isa. Hahaha.

Wala naman sigurong masama. Natutuwa lang ako sa kanya because he’s smart and he’s cool and he’s cute. Hahaha. Let’s see!

PMAP COnference and Awards Night, Bagiuo City 2008

The Personnel Management Association of the Philippines recently held its annual conference and awards night in Baguio City. I was one of Asia Select’s delegates for the 3-day event wherein HR Managers and Executives gather together to honor the best practices of companies and HR practitioners who excelled in their respective fields.

This year, Petron Corporation was awarded as the Employer of the Year. The HR Manager of the year also came from Petron. Ayala Corporation, on the other hand, won the HR Program of the Year.

This year’s PMAP’s theme is “Sa Tao Magkakatalo (People Make the Difference).” After attending several talks and seminars, I realized the importance of people in the organization. Employees, in order to perform at their best, should be properly motivated, amply compensated, and supported. And HR plays an integral part in maintaining harmony and effectiveness in its people.

Kudos to the organizers and officers of PMAP!

ajie, anne, and me at the Baguio Country Club Veranda

me, sir pepe, ajie, and anne at the Dinner hosted by Mr. Zulueta at the Cotterman Room of BCC

mike, gilbert, Mr. Zulueta, and Vhik

sir tony, me, vhik, and sir pepe at the BCC Ballroom

that’s me at the awards night…

the Asia Select Group on our way back to Manila – stopover at Isdaan in Tarlac

Singapore, Again!

I was in Singapore again last July 29 – 31. Unlike the first trip last January though, this time, it’s all just about business!! We barely had time to walk around and shop. Most of the time, we’re in just one hotel interviewing candidates.

It’s a pleasure meeting some of the icons in the Direct Selling Industry in Singapore. And I love our client’s office! Super sophisticated!

Aside from interviewing candidates through, we also met with some more people. We dropped by Marriot Hotel to chat with Atty. Leabres of Merck. she’s our successfully-placed candidate-turned client who’s very happy with our service so far. Natuwa naman ako when she said:

“She’s (me) very charming and sincere that’s why she can easily get the attention of good candidates. Yung iba kasi, turn off.”

Of course, it’s nice to hear good comments from these people. Makes me feel that I’m on the rigt track (kuno). Haha.

I also met with my client turned good friend Lisa of wgsn at the Starbucks in Centerpoint Mall. Hopefully, I’ll be off soon. Secret pa yan. Sana matuloy. Haha.
Jeanne, my good friend way back college also met me at Wisma Atria. She’s a Technical Writer now in Sg. I miss her so much! Grabe, bait ng abaeng to, sobra!
Syempre, we ate at Bon Tong Kee, home of the best Hainanese Chicken in Singapore! I also bought shoes in Charles and Keith. Other than that, tulog lang ako sa hotel. Hehe. It was a short but sweet adventure all in all.
Till next time, SG!
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