This feature on Jasmin by the Sea will be my last post for our Camiguin Getaway last February. While I was doing my research regarding available accommodations in Camiguin, I came accross some good reviews for Jasmin by the Sea. Even Lonely Planet has some good words for this resort.

Jasmin by the Sea is a very simple resort. They only have very few rooms and they seem to be the destination of choice of foreign tourists. What I like most about this resort is that it is located a few meters from the beach! I had a deep sleep with the sound of the giant waves as background “music.” 🙂

That's the magnificent view from the balcony of our room. That's how near the beach is from the rooms.

The Room

A peek at our fan room - with our own CR, double bed, a small lamp, and clothes cabinet

The Restaurant

Jasmin's located away from the city, so at night, we have no choice but eat dinner in their restaurant. It was blessing in disguise though, because they serve really good food! 🙂

[cincopa 10585917]

For a night’s stay, we paid Php 600. If you’re touring Camiguin and is looking for a cheaper but worthwhile resort to stay near the beach, then Jasmin by the Sea should be the right resort for you. 🙂

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  1. i forgot to mention that they have very good service too! they gave us all our requests with a smile. 🙂

    @ manila girl: good to see you again here sis! I saw your post on valentino and it was great! we’re planning to go there too soon!

  2. Hello there…I’ve been looking for affordable beach front accommodation in Camiguin and I came across Jasmin by the Sea. Further research lead me to you blog. Would you know if they arrange island tours for their guests? They offer motorbike rentals but what about guided tours with transportation? Thank you.

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