It’s very seldom that I’m home alone without nothing to do on a Sunday. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean. 🙂

So last Sunday (and it’s Easter!), I was at a lost on what to do because Angelo’s vacationing in the province and C has to attend a family reunion somewhere in Rizal. I thought I could last the whole day just watching TV at home. Midway in watching ASAP XV in channel 2 though, I was super bored already, so I decided to go out and just pamper myself.

I went to SM Megamall  to look for a waxing center. I’m hairy, and since it’s summer already, I need to have my legs waxed (I don’t want to shave ’em already because I get chicken skin – and it’s not so good to look at). I have been eyeing Forever Flawless Face and Body Center for a long time already, so I decided to give it a try.

After a short registration at the counter (they asked me to fill up some forms and sign some waivers), I was asked to wait for a few minutes at the reception area. Then Ate Amy, my attendant, led me to a small room. On the way there, we passed by the area where they perform facial procedures.

Compared to my past experiences, I noticed that Ate Amy paid so much attention to details. She was also always asking me if I’m feeling okay during the whole session, which I appreciate. After about 3o minutes of painful stripping, she applied lotion antibiotics on my legs to lessen the redness of my skin.

The price was, for me, was reasonable. For the full-leg wax, I paid Php 880 and for Underarms, they charged Php 280. I will definitely be a regular customer here. Even save money for the laser hair removal perhaps? 🙂

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