Ours is Paella. Yum.

So one day, when things were getting too rough for both of us in the office, we went to Terry’s Selection to get a taste of their famous spanish dish.

 Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by the exquisite off white interiors and modern furnitures. The whole place embodies an aura of relaxation and good times, and would be a perfect hideaway with friends or a quick date.

The second floor is ideal for big groups.

There’s a deli store in the third floor selling interesting, imported value-for-money items.

The third floor is ideal for couples who want more privacy. I love that it’s overlooking Valero Street, partly hidden by some trees.

Some of the items being sold in the deli.

Some more.

If ou want to buy wine, they have it also.

For dinner, we had authentic paella de marisco (Php 560, good for sharing)….

… and in-house red wine.

And this for dessert. 🙂

Happy, stress-free  faces!

Terry’s Selection, Salcedo Village
G/F Lafayette Square, Salcedo Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 889-3198

4 comments on “What’s your Comfort Food?”

  1. The place looks nice! I envy you Makati folks. I try to avoid driving there because I got apprehended by a policeman before for something so trivial and completely unintentional! Hmph. X_X

  2. my comfort food.. simple things lang! 🙂
    popcorn, peanut butter on wheat bread, cakes/ pastries, cheeseburger + fries, pasta… 😀

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