A while ago, i was getting weird looks from the people inside a mall in Taguig. Why? Because of this band aid (the type that we put on our knees) that my dermatologist plastered in my face.


I had a procedure at Clarity Aesthetic Center earlier to drain the “cysts” in my face that just popped out of nowhere. It scared the hell out of me, but it was just like popping out an oversized blackhead, really.

I started noticing this little dot about a month ago. It looked like a mole from afar. I got alarmed though because it was getting bigger and bigger everyday, so I had it checked already yesterday.

Turned out, those mole-looking pests were cysts that decided to join forces to form a bigger circle. Yuck!

This isn’t the first time that I had a procedure done for my face. The first time was six years ago when I had my mole removed. That time, it was really a live mole – I had it since I was small, but it started showing alarming singns when I was in High School. What’s memorable about it is that I had it removed in front of nationwide TV! It was for a feature in a defunct early morning show in ABSCBN. I remember I was with a cameraman and the segment producer with me when I underwent surgery in a derma clinic in Greenhills. I forgot the details already and I don’t have pictures also, but just to give you an idea, it was as big as a papaya seed before the surgery.

Overall, I’m happy that the procedure is over. I was made to wait for three hours inside the treament room of Clarity, but at least I was satisfied with the actual procedure.

If only they have smaller band aids. :-S

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  1. It’s great that the procedure went well! At least you got that over with.

    By the way, your new layout looks great. 🙂 It’s easy on the eyes.

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