This was the question raised by and Raintree Restaurants for the International Women’s Month

While almost everyone answered “their moms,” which is an obvious answer, I chose my youngest sister, Nini. Please take time to read my answer below: 

The woman who made the most impact in my life will definitely be my youngest sister. I will forever admire her courage, faith, and strong will while fighting the dreaded leukemia. In spite of her young age (she was 16 when she was diagnosed), she bravely endured all the tests and needles, as well as the endless rounds of chemoteraphy. She never complained, nor blamed God for what happened. She maintained the positive attitude and her loving nature even if she was enduring everything to hold on to her dear life. 

I learned from her two most important lessons in life – 1)that we should life life to the fullest without regrets; and 2) that God blesses those who believe in him. After 3 years of fighting, my sister is well and back to her normal life. She’s my inspiration and I’m sure all the others around her will also learn from her how to celebrate life.
by May Buendia on 2010-03-09 09:55:29 

I didn’t really join to win, I thought it would be a nice “little non-material gift” for her. But then, should I win, I’d have to take my sisters out for some serious girl bonding session. Hahaha. Cheers to the good life! 🙂 


3 comments on “Who is the most important woman who has influenced your life and why?”

  1. Touched ako. Madalas din kasi akong madiagnose ng kung anik anik na sakit.
    You are blessed Nini, for seeing the goodness and blessings around despite and inspite of! ♥

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