Bahay Bakasyunan is definitely the best resort in Camiguin! It’s a little bit more pricey than the others, but it’s worth every peso. We were booked at BBC on our second day in Camiguin, And we were just there the whole afternoon… makes us not want to leave after seeing what BBC has to offer. 


Booking a room was easy. I tried online booking through their website, but didn’t get any reply so I called them up to make our reservation. I was surprised to know that they accept pencil reservations! They booked a room for us (we got the deluxe room for Php2,350 per night) without asking for a downpayment. That was a breeze!  

I read about a lot of good reviews online for BBC. It’s obvious that I’m one of their satisfied customers, so I will just let the pictures amaze you as well.  


For only Php 2,350, we have our own cottage already. The air-conditioned room has it’s own bathroom, cable TV, dresser, cabinet for our clothes, and welcome drinks. Feels like I’m in a five-star resort!  

our beautiful cottage two single beds joined together? - oh no! i love the little details!

Around the Resort 

In BBC, you will never run out of something to do. Albeit small as compared to other resorts, there are a lot of facilities and activities that guests can enjoy for free. 

the pool overlooking the sea the souveneir shop

interesting finds details! details!

the cozy massage area - we can actually hear the waves during the spa session!

the game room - guests can play for free

Service was great as well. The resort is well-maintained and I’d give two thumbs up for that. If you’re planning to visit Camiguin, make sure to book even a night’s stay in BBC. It’s one great experience you’ll never forget.  

Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin
Camiguin Island: Balbagon, Mambajao, Philippines
Phone: +63 88 3871057, +63 88 3870131
Telefax: +63 88 3870278,
Mobile: +639209017270


9 comments on “Search for the Best B&B:Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin”

  1. The place looks so charming!:)

    I’m just a little bit put off by the two single beds put together, heehee. A single queen-sized bed would have been better. Though of course for the price it’s definitely sulit!

  2. Hey, this looks likes a nice place to stay in Camiguin. My friends and I are planning to do a CDO-Camiguin trip this year. Will consider staying here 🙂

  3. Hello! I got your site from the bloggers’ thread in GT.

    This is a great find, my boyfriend and I will be going to Camiguin this June and we’re still scouting for accommodation, we’ll definitely consider this.

    I’ll link you up, ha?


  4. Your pictures are great! They made me wanna visit Camiguin too. I’ve actually ..heard and read good reviews about the place. The rate in Bahay-Bakasyunan is very affordable. Do they have a lot of guests? I hate crowds kasi…

  5. Thanks Supergirl! My boyfriend takes really good pictures no? hehehe…
    BBC is super nice. it’s one of the highlughts of our vacation actually.

    we went there on a lean month. Kahit we were there on a saturday, i think 3 cottage lang yung occupied. 🙂

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