It is my turn to think and plan of something to do for our 10th monthsary (he arranged a wonderful dinner at Lu in Rockwell for our 9th) and I spent hours researching for a memorable way to do it. In the end, I tried to veer away from the usual and thought of treating C to a night of relaxation and bliss in a spa.

Together, we’ve tried The Spa at Sonya’s Garden, Callospa, Big Apple Spa at the Fort, and the heavenly Thai Foot Spa of Footloose. However, in the mood to go all out, we decided to try THE SPA.

* sorry for the grainy pics. I used my blackberry phone for these. I’m still waiting for the better quality pictures from C’s phone.

The Ambience and Facilities

Booking a slot was easy for us – we were there on a Tuesday night so there weren’t too many guests. I made advance reservations over the phone three hours before our estimated time of 7:30 though, just to be sure. And it was a breeze. We were there earlier than our schedule, but they let us in anyway. The receptionists were very accommodating, and I find the staff very corteous as well.

We chose to have our massage and treatments at the PREMIERE VILLA of the branch in Bonifacio High Street. FYI, the price of their massage and treatments vary according to which room you would choose to have it done.  The premiere villa is the most expensive, but with utmost privacy and the most romantic setting that we just need.        

The Premiere Villas offer a kind of “resort in the city” ambience, as these are set at the top floor of The Fort branch, overlooking Bonifacio High Street. These stand-alone villas offer guests a more private experience so they can truly feel relaxed with their choice of treatments and massages. Coming from the overall romantic mood and tone set by the cosmopolitan interiors of this branch, the villa also radiates a feel of urban zen with its white airy spaces and clean off-white interiors. – The Spa Website

The only way to get to the topmost floor is though the male and female locker rooms in the second floor. After paying the bill, we were led separately to the locker rooms where we were made to wait for a few minutes while they were preparing our villa. I was there first, and while I didn’t see the overlooking part, the zen garden on our way to the villa made me feel I’m in a resort somewhere and not in the middle of busy High Street. 🙂

The villa has our own jacuzzi, a shower room with sauna, and two massage beds. There’s a big dresser as well, complete with toiletries, a hairbrush. three bath towels, and two bathrobes.

We were given 30 minutes to enjoy the jacuzzi and the sauna, before the actual massage. The villa was nice. There’s a soft and relaxing background music which was inaudible until we turned off the jacuzzi, the room was a bit dark for me, but it was okay. 

What I just totally didn’t like about the room are the mosquitoes! They should really do something about this because it got me distracted the whole time. :-S Also, the massage bed was a little bit short for C (he was 5″8′! How about those taller than him?), hence, he was uncomfortable at first.

Massage and Treatments

While I was doing my research, I read several posts complaining about the Swedish Massage at the spa. One girl even mentioned that both she and her boyfriend developed fever the following day after they had their massage here. Because of this, I just decided to try Shiatsu for both of us. Since I really favor Swedish massage, I really don’t have any idea of what Shiatsu is about.

Based on the concept of acupuncture, this Japanese-style pressure point massage works on vital energy points resulting in balanced chi.

The massage was straightforward, I must say. I missed the scent of the oil I was used to but it was a blessing in disguise because I realized that Shiatsu is the perfect massage for me! It was what I really need and I love how the massage would zero in and focus on pressure points. Since this one’s dry, I also didn’t have to worry about developing allergical reactions from the massage oil.

C’s therapist also advised him to avail of the Swedish massage instead because of his scoliosis. He smells like bamboo after, but he had a relaxing time as well.

After the massage, we were given 15 minutes to rest. The therapists also handed us small envelops for the tip.

Overall, it was a nice experience. It was definitely more expensive than the usual (all in all we paid Php2,800 but we got 20% discount from our Belle de Jour and Navi planners), but the ambience (minus the mosquitoes) make up for it. The massage was so-so and not worth much raves. The villa, and the facilities in it, live up to its promise.

My rating: Good to experience once, but I don’t think I’m going to be a regular customer here. 

The Spa – Fort
Building 8, 908, Bonifacio High Street 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel Number: 8565858
Sun-Thurs – 1PM-9PM
Fri-Sat – 1PM-10PM 

9 comments on “Spa Review Series: THE SPA @ Bonifacio High Street”

  1. Thanks for this review!! The BF and I might try this some time.:) I would think that 2,800 warrants a little more time to spend in the villa, but there’s a time limit pala? Oh well, it’s “The” Spa after all. Hehe.

  2. oh yes, there’s a time limit. Thought they weren’t very strict naman (maybe because there weren’t many guests). I’m sure you and your beau will enjoy it there. 😉

  3. Hi May! We availed of the same thing on our first anniversary, really enjoyed it 😉 I personally prefer the hard massage of Wensha’s but the place was great and the massage was relaxing. We didn’t experience any mosquitoes though.

  4. hello rey! yup, i think the massage of wensha is better too! (but i don’t want to bring Cholo there because he might feel iffy with the male wet area ;-]) we’re nearing our first anniversary too. See you and Karen soon! 🙂

  5. Went back to the SPA. Facilities were excellent. As far as massage goes – its basically so so. The attendant who did me up ( Arlene ) was not as good as the first one. Back massge was so so. Neck massage was terrible. For a place that charges over 800 pesos – you can get the same massage for 1/4 the price in Banawe or even San Juan.

    Their front desk told me if everything was alright – i told her the problem of the massage and she just looked at me blankly. Wrote on their website the issue – same thing – no response. Will not be going back. What is 800 in the Phil. 100 pesos away from a satisfying meal at viking or 2 massages somewhere else.

    Spa if you cant get your act together – people would rather go somewhere else and spend their 800 pesos – You are not the only act in town.

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