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We were able to get our air tickets via the Cebu Pacific’s seat sale last November. It was a series of firsts for me: fitime to book a flight online, first time to plan a trip way ahead of time, first time to ride a Cebu Pacific plane, and first time on a plane with C!

All Cebu Pacific’s flights are in NAIA Terminal 3 and as a first timer, I was quite impressed with the spacious area and hassle free boarding. I’m also a happy customer of Cebu Pacific because both our flights were on time and we even arrived at our destinations earlier than expected.
Hello Cagayan de Oro!

We landed at CdO airport at 5:20am, 15 minutes earlier than our scheduled arrival. Since it’s still dark outside, we waited for a while inside the arrival area before haggling with cab drivers in a quest to get the lowest rate going to Macabalan Port. The first driver that we talked to offered Php 250; and since that was more or less the rate I saw during my extensive research prior to the trip, we chose him already. It was chaotic outside the airport and I don’t want to stay there any longer. It’s still early, so the driver advised us to wait at Jollibee (the only fastfood chain open 24 hours) at Downtown first since Paras Sea Cat leaves at 8:30am.

We had breakfast and from there, we hailed a cab to Macabalan Port again (Php 60) and bought tickets at Paras Sea Cat booth inside the Port. We bought our tickets at a discounted rate of Php 350 each. There’s an ongoing Php 50 off sale at that time until Valentine’s Day. The ferry left at exactly 8:30 and arrived at 10:45.

Finally in Camiguin!

Mang Frank was waiting for us already at the Benoni Port in Camiguin. He’s one of the most recommended guides in the Girltalk Forum and luckily, he was available during our travel dates. We agreed on Php 2000 for one day tour and service to and from Benoni Port.

the habal-habal - Camiguin's own version of Manila's tricycles

From the Port, we went straight to see Jasmin by the Sea Resort. We didn’t have any reservations but gambled because we read a lot of good reviews for them including that of Lonely Planet’s. Luckily, they have a vacant beachfront fan room for only Php 600 with our own bathroom! We rested for a while and at 1:30pm, hopped on the multicab to see the sights of the island.

Camiguin Sightseeing

Our tour started with a so-so lunch at Vjandep restaurant. Nothing special here, but food is cheaper as compared to other restaurants. For only Php 103, we had two viands already and the driver eats for free. The highlight, perhaps, of the meal was the pastel. Vjandep is well known for this delicious delicacy, and for Php 11, we had sweet dessert that C and I shared.

I’ll let the pictures do the narrating now:

Katibawasan Falls. I was awed by gigantic waterfalls. It was my first time to see one up close and it was just awesome! The water was so cold and C had a blast taking photos. I forgot how tall it is, but our guide mentioned that part of it was damaged by a typhoon recently. Php 20 entrance fee.
Stations of the Cross. Another attraction in Camiguin where in you had to climb up more than a hundred steps to follow the trail of, yeah, stations of the cross. I don’t like climbing up stairs because I hate to have sore legs the rest of the trip, so we decided to pass up on this.
Guiob Church Ruins. From the outside, it looks bland and uneventful so I was quite hesitant to explore inside. The marker says that it’s the ruins of a church that was brought down by a very strong earthquake more than a hundred years ago. I think that was also the same earthquake that sunk nearby towns, hence, the famous sunken cemetery.

and finally…
Sunken Cemetery. Waited for hours to catch the sunset here for C’s pictures. The locals told us that the cross was put up only a few years ago to mark the spot where the sunken cemetery is. You can rent a banca at Php 5 each person to bring you to the cross. We opted not to.

my own photo of the marker - TSAMBA. Hahaha

After the Sunken Cemetery, we decided to call it a day. Was back at Jasmine’s at 7pm, had dinner in their restaurant (calamares 150 and pork fillet 170), and dozed off to sleep. Did I mention that our room was directly facing the beach? The waves can get really loud as the night gets deeper. It was like sleeping while being lullaby-d by the sea.

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    thanks a lot for a very simple and yet informative post. we’re going to CdeO by June 16 and am so excited about it. got even more excited by yours, really!

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for a very detailed and informational post. May I know if you still have the contact number of Mang Frank, your recommended guide in Camiguin?

  3. Do you happened to have manong Frank’s number, I’m planning to go to Camiguin also for the first time. I’ll be in Cebu, Mactan Jan 18,2013. I plan to take Cebu Ferry to Camiguin at 8:00 pm we should be in port by 7:00 am Jan 19, 2013.

    Thank you I like rading your post.

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