Where else should we be celebrating our 3rd monthsary but in our Alma Mater? UP houses several yummy and affordable restaurants and eateries but only Chateau Verde gives the “fine-dining” feel, perfect for romantic dates and celebrating special occasions, such as ours. 🙂
Chateau Verde is a small, open-air restaurant located just at the back of PNB near shopping center and UP Infirmary. The menu boasts a lot of food offerings: from Spanish to Italian to Filipino, at affordable prices as compared to its counterparts outside. We were craving for C’s favorite Paella at that time, so that’s the very first that we ordered.
The yummy Paella (complete with crabs, shrimps, shells, chorizo, and everything else one can put in a paella) was complimented very well by the Salpicao.
After the heavy meal, we ordered Mango Jubilee for dessert (it’s Vanilla Ice Cream topped with hot mango puree with a certain kind of alcohol). We were disappointed with this one, but still can’t forget the heavenly Paella, so it’s okay. 🙂
Overall, I’d give Chateau Verde a nine for providing us with a nice and quiet ambience, great food and equally good service. I just hope they could add more offerings in their menu, and that they make sure everything is available (we tried to order something but was told it’s not available).
Can’t believe how time flies. Three months seem to pass by ever so lightly, but still very memorable. Everyday, I’m thanking God for this blessing. I’ve never been happier. 🙂

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