Last September, I saw my SOFA classmate’s pink Brother machine in class and was so inggit with it! Moreso when I learned that she got it at a quarter of the price of a brand new machine! So I dragged my sister to Pier in Manila to scout for some portable sewing machines as an advance birthday present for myself.

I am not really familiar with the Manila Port Area so we decided to just commute going there. It was easy, actually. We went through the MRT-LRT-Jeep route and was there in no time. We immediately saw Store #1 I-J which was pretty popular in the blogosphere so we decided not to roam around anymore (since I read that there are a lot of pick pockets in the area).

They have a wide variety of sewing machines of different colors and sizes and types, I was so confused! So I just asked the sales person to show me the best Brother sewing machine that they have on stock.



I tried on a lot of Brother models… but can’t really decide on what I want. Initially I was crushing on the pink computerized one, but they discouraged me because according to them, those kinds are harder to repair here.

After trying on about a hundred more (hehehe), I was finally able to pick my machine! 🙂 And here she is…


Meet my OLD/NEW Brother Tendy ZZ3-B778. I’ve actually done some projects with it, and it’s doing okay. Here’s why I love her:

1) She has an expandable arm. Which is very useful especially I intend to sew a lot of dresses.

Pasig City-20130908-00802

2) It has an option to install a serger-like foot. I tried hemming the lining of the dress I made recently and it worked just fine. No need to buy the serger for the meantime. 🙂

Pasig City-20130908-00799

3) It has a neat storage of everything! The top cover hides/protects all the functionalities of this baby

Pasig City-20130908-00796

I bought her for Php 3,500 plus lot of freebies such as transformer, needles, pedal foot, and other accessories. Plus, Ate told me that they will repair the machine for free for life! The bad news is, she also told me they’re transferring to a new location soon (something like they’re being demolished already), so she gave me a contact number so I can still reach them even if they’ve transferred already.

If you need help or is interested to buy from them, drop me a note! 🙂

9 comments on “Sewing Machine Shopping at Manila Port Area”

  1. …sis pwede pahingi ng number nila. planning to buy a sewing machine this weekend. baka lang kasi masayang lang ang pagod kung wala na pala sila dun. from pampanga pa can send me an email, kung pwede. tnx in advance.

  2. Hi ! how are you doing with your Brother Tendy sewing machine? I am going to purchase one next week and im trying to weigh and see what brand i should get. The one you got is a computerized unit? and this one came with a free foot pedal? I hope to get your feedback. I really appreciate your blog about this one. thank you so much.

  3. Hello, thank you for this blog, i am going to puchase my sewing machine next week, and i find your write up very helpful. You bought this Brother Tendy unit, this is also a computerized unit? but with foot pedal? this unit looks sturdy, how is it doing? from the time you bought this unit, have you encountered any problem yet? I would like to learn from what you will say. thank you so much.

  4. Hi sis! If you don’t mind me asking, how much did a machine like that cost? I’m planning to buy a new sewing machine, and I’d like to upgrade from my Singer to something with a more powerful motor.

    Also, do they do repairs/maintainance there? I’d also want my current machine serviced so someone else can use it. Thanks!

  5. Hi! Thank you for sharing this blog 🙂 I love your machine and hopefully makahanap din ako ganyan sa kanila 🙂

  6. Hi..alam mo ba kung saan yung new area ng shop nila?
    And same pa rin kaya ung number nila dun sa comment mo above?
    Thanks 🙂

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