Yes, he’s the reason why you always see me smiling these days. I’m even smiling more last June 2 because that day marks our first month as a “couple.”

And to celebrate it, he surprised me with a romantic dinner at Cafe Juanita. It’s my first time there and I had no idea where we’re going until we reached the place. He said he wants to keep it a secret (after bugging him in ym earlier that day though, he gave me two clues: that we’re going to a resto that serves Filipino cuisine, and that the place is colorful – yes, colorful indeed!) 🙂

The ambiance is great – so many colors and shapes put together but somehow, it’s able to create the unique atmosphere. No wonder it’s become a popular destination for dates in the metro.

ringing the bell is the easiest way to catch the waiters’ attention

Guess who? (lol)

Love how they decorated the place. I guess they do pay a lot for cleaning.

Different masks adorn the walls
It was raining on our way to Pasig, hence, there’s heavy traffic especially in Shaw Boulevard. We were both hungry already. And it didn’t help that just by looking at the menu and reading the descriptions, I can already taste it. Hahaha. So here’s our take on the food that we ordered:

We were disappointed with the Burong Filipino…

But were so satisfied with the Crispy Pork Binagoongan!
… and shared creme brulee for dessert. Sweet.
Overall rating: Happy and satisfied. Food was great. Ambiance, even better.
Perfect place to celebrate such a perfect moment, with the perfect person . 🙂
He gave me a bouquet of flowers the previous day (June 1) because he thought I said “yes” May 1. Flowers were lovely anyway, so who am I to make a big deal out of it? 🙂 At least, we’re clear now, right?
As for me, I prepared a cheesy powerpoint presentation of how we started. It was two days in the making! The idea was to send it to his office email at midnight so it will be the first email he’d read in the morning.
I guess by now you know how head-over-heels in love I am right now. Everyday, I thank God for giving me the man that I’ve always dreamed of. Even if we’re officially together for just a month, I know he’s someone who I can trust my heart with. And I will forever treasure each moment that we are together.
Watch out for more of our stories soon!

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