I was planning to blog about the Prenup Marathon event last October 13 but Imagine Nation beat me to it. They’ve released a comprehensive round-up a few days ago. See the link here ๐Ÿ™‚

So let me just add some more of my thoughts, as a marathon-er and soon to be bride..

We didnt really know what to expect so we just packed whatever nice clothes we have in our closets for the shoot. Cholo and I are both practical, so we just wanted to keep our looks simple and wouldn’t want to bring too much stuff. I had my hair and makeup done in a salon prior to going to the PNR station. Upon arrival, we were made to pick from the bowl to know which photographers are assigned to us. Each photographers have their own themes, to set the mood and feel of the shoot.

photo lifted from imaginenationphoto.com

Much to my delight, we picked the 3 protographers I was most intrigued in – Alex Ruelo (Lights, Camera, Action), Larry Leong (Rain or Shine) and Jed Ray Calara (Sweetheart Athletes). The whole shoot took about 3 hours, and it was almost dark when we finished.

Later that day, we walked away exhausted from the numerous costume changes and endless poses and smiling. In spite of these though, it’s a very unforgettable experience because I felt a deeper strenghtening of the bondย  between me and my fiance. I felt our love grow stronger by leaps and bounds after the shoot.

Our photos showed how he would look at me tenderly, full of love and compassion.

I felt safe whenever he held me in the waist during awkward poses to keep me from falling

I smile whenever I remember how he would crack jokes to ease the tension and make me feel at ease (I’m super camera shy)

For me, he was the most good-looking guy on the planet. My own “Cholo Pascual”. Hehehe.

Attending the event is indeed one of the best decisions we’ve made since our engagement. The Marathon was just simply amazing, imagine nation staff and photographers are super kind, talented, and accommodating. Aside from the fact that joining is a breeze and budget-friendly, seeing the pictures made us even happier, ecstatic, even!

We didn’t make a mistake in choosing imagine nation as our official wedding photographer. With their superb talent and spirituality, I’m sure we will have timeless wedding photos to last a lifetime.

Thank you, Imagine Nation! ๐Ÿ™‚

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