Yes, you read it right. I’m getting married… finally! 🙂

Finally because as a single mom, there were times when I was losing hope already that I will be able to find someone who will be willing to take the risk with me.

… and because ever since Cholo and I became an item, I have been secretly dreaming of spending the rest of my life with him.  I think it has even turned into a funny obsession already at some point. Hehe.

I met Cholo 5 years ago at work. We were both headhunters from sister companies, so although we’re in the same building and attend the same company events, we have different sets of friends and not really talk at all. It was only in 2009 when we really became friends and discovered our common interests in blogging, photography, travel, and food. We were also both graduates of UP.

The next three years went by and we are stronger than ever. Cholo is the kindest and most understanding man I have ever met, and he loved me and was always there for me. Most especially, my son adores him and vice versa. That, in itself, is more than enough for me.

I have been secretly waiting for him to propose marriage for the past year of our relationship. I had false expectations several times, and was beginning to lose hope. But… what I don’t know is that he has been secretly preparing for that day… and he made sure I will never ever forget.

The Proposal

May 18, 2012 was a very stressful day for me. I was about to deliver a presentation to all employees during our company’s townhall and I was so stressed for most of theday. That night, my friend Michelle asked me out for dinner “in a new hang-out place she wanted to try out in Makati.” Cholo was on sick leave that day so I agreed.

We met at Leviste in Makati where a cab was already waiting for us.  The driver took us to this place inside Urdaneta Village where “the said hang-out place” is. It was Makati Garden Club.

Upon entering the place, the first person I saw was another friend – Pam. First thing I noticed were the rose petals by her feet. Then there were photographers. At that point I wasn’t able to recognize anyone other than Pam. She handed to me a balloon with a photo of Tagaytay and inset was Cholo and I’s photo. There was also a handwritten note from Cholo for me to read.

the Tagaytay note read: Hi love! Tagaytay was our very first out of town trip together. It was the beginning of many “firsts” in our relationship. From then on, I knew we had something very special 🙂

By then I knew. That was it. The moment I have been waiting for!

The next station was Ms. Ruby, Cholo’s Boss and our adviser. She has with her the balloon with Ilocos in it. By then, though I was too dazed to actually read Cholo’s notes, gets ko na… Each of the stations have photos of a certain memorable place that we’ve been to.

The note: “Perfect! That’s how I’d sum up our trip to Ilocos! It had everything that we could ask for in an out of town trip. Just like you were everything i could ask for in a girl.

The third station was Anna – Cholo’s small group leader and close friend. She was holding the balloon featuring Coron. I think it was only at this point when I noticed the live acoustic singer belting Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me – that was my song for Cholo during the time when he was just still my office crush. Hehe.

Cholo’s note was: “Definitely one of the funniest trips we have had! Coron tested our patience and our resourcefulness. It taught us that together, we could overcome lack and adversity. It was a moment that further strengthened our love and unity.

Station four was my sister Nini. She was already crying as I was about to approach her. Nakakaiyak that moment. I wasn’t expecting she will be there. My family – especially my sisters – have been witnesses to what I’ve been through in my life. I know they were very happy for me. Grabe, nakakahiya yung face to dito, but this photo perfectly captured the moment.

Kota Kinabalu station read: ” Our first trip out of the country! It was a totally new experience for me and you were always right beside me to support me. I knew then that you were with me and I made a vow to never leave your side”

The last station was my dear son Angelo. At that point, I don’t know if he already understands what’s happening that night. Turns out, he does and he’s happy to have Cholo as a Daddy. 🙂

Angelo was carrying the balloon with Macau photo which says: “This trip, for me, was a preview of things to come. New areas to explore, new things to try out. But most of all, for me, it was a preview of what our life would be… as a family.

*** Sino ba naman hindi kikiligin? ***

Angelo then led me to my final stop for the night. In a gazebo, with heart shaped petals, the live acoustic duo in the background, there stands my prince charming.

He spent the next minute delivering his proposal speech – most of which I wasn’t able to understand due to pinaghalong shock, kilig, and excitement!

But of course I said yes!

It was a moment straight out of a movie scene and I will never ever get tired of sharing our proposal story over and over. A girl deserves a moment that will sweep her off her feet and my Cholo did that – and even way more than I expected. I am just the luckiest girl in the world.

Many many thanks to everyone who helped Cholo make this possible. Most especially, we would like to thank Ms. Sandra of Makati Garden Club for the delicious food and letting us use the wonderful place. Cholo’s idea of a sanctuary in the midst of the city was achieved at Makati Garden Club. Perfect place for a proposal! We now have the bragging rights of being the first couple to be engaged there. 🙂

To our friends who helped –  a big THANK YOU. Congratulations for surviving Cholo’s OC-ness. Hehe.

To my husband-to-be: I will be forever grateful. I am one such lucky girl for having you. You are my greatest blessing and I promise to take care of you for the rest of our lives. My heart just overflows with love. I LOVE YOU!

my engagement ring! Love it!

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  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful, memorable proposal! Your fiance is a keeper. 🙂

    Good luck with your wedding preparations. 🙂

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