On our first anniversary, C and I went to Puerto Galera, an island located within 3-4 hours south of Manila. The place is popular because of the White Beach (literally a stretch of white sand crowded by cheap apartelles, bars, and dive shops). We did some extensive research weeks prior to the trip and learned that there is more to Puerto Galera than the White Beach… Hence, Amihan Villa is a discovery that we will never forget.

Making reservations was easy. Even if it’s going to be a long weekend, they did not require us to pay any downpayment. Our room costs Php3,000 per night inclusive of continental breakfast.

We were picked up by Monica, the owner of the Villa. She was born in Puerto Galera but moved to Amsterdam as a child (her father’s Dutch), then went back with her goal of putting up a luxurious accommodation option for Puerto Galera tourists. The Amihan has been in operations for only about a month, and they really hasn’t advertised yet, that’s why even some of the locals are unaware that they’re open already.

The trip from Muelle Pier to Amihan Villa takes about 15 minutes. Along the way, Monica was enthusiastically talking about her project, and how she envisions the villa to be in the future. Listening to her stories was able to excite me even more.

And no words can ever explain how I felt when I saw Amihan Villa up close…

The Rooms

Amihan Villa only has five rooms so far that can accommodate 2-3 people. I know you’re dying to see how our room looks like already… Here goes… 🙂

The Food

Amihan Villa has their own Chef – that’s so true! We heard from the locals that JR, the chef, is a brother of the owner. While we weren’t able to confirm it, we definitely had a great anniversary dinner because of him. These are our orders:

For breakfast, we were able to secure the best area: the table at the corner with an amazing view of South China Sea.

What’s so good about Amihan is that even if they’re still considerably on dry run status, they are able to provide first-class, personalized service to their guests. Monica said that they’re already going to start constructing an in-house spa, complete with all amenities during off-peak season this year. I can’t wait to go back once it’s over!

They’re also located very close to the White Beach, only about 10-15 minutes away by tricycle. Since the Resort is not beach front, guests may still enjoy wading in the white sand beaches of Galera quite easily.

Because of our experience in Amihan Villa, I am being tempted to end our search for the best bed and breakfast already (though I’m sure we’ll still not stop looking. :-). This place was definitely able to bring our standards several notches higher. It was hard to leave this paradise and for a while, we regretted booking only a night there. I could stay there forever if I can! 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Book a night at Amihan and be awed, like us. I’m so sure that soon, their room rates will increase dramatically (because of demand and they deserve it!) so grab the opportunity now. I highly recommend this place to couples and small families looking for a quiet but top-notch accomodation near where the action is. 🙂

Me and Monica, our gracious host.

Many thanks to Monica, to JR, and the staff of Amihan for a romantic and memorable stay. Our first anniversary celebration was made perfect because of you guys.

Here’s to more happy years together!

Amihan Villa
c/o Monica Slothouwer – Romas
Aninuan, Puerto Galera
Oriental Mindoro
+63 (0)9081222335

25 comments on “Amazed by Amihan Villa: Our First Anniversary at Puerto Galera’s Finest :-)”

  1. we’re going here later! wee!
    and you’re partly to blame. nakita ko post mo sa pex (bleh) and read your blog and i was sold.


  2. I love the place….. but not yet decided to travel, afraid to travel by sea.
    Love your blog, this is my hangout now everytime i feel bored during office hours…

  3. Hi! I also have that fear before… but I was able to overcome it because i don’t want to miss out on such amazing discoveries… like Amihan. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Hello dear. From you blog entry, it looks enticing and wonderful enough to sell the place to me hehe. I am planning to go there one of these days and might bring family. But I was wondering, how far is the villa from the beach. Not just white beach but as in beach parallel to the location of the villa? Is it walkable? Thanks much! The info in your blog entry is very helpful 🙂

  5. hi there! there’s no beach parallel to Amihan. it sits on a hill. the nearest should be white beach. it’s a far walk, and you might get lost if you are not familiar with the place. best to take the tricycle

  6. Whooooo!!!! reading this heart whelming, welcoming!!! name it the positive way thats it!!!!

    I really can’t wait to go there on April and see if its true that this Hotel ROCKS! as the guest said on their comments and blogs….

    the first time i searched the site of Puerto Gallera looking for a nice view peaceful and secured, well i obviously assumed this is secured ryt.. but what i saw in those photos showed in the site Amihan villa was the one caught my eye because of the scene the view the beach!!! well hopefully those photos are true and I’m so excited to go there…

    i actually emailed Amihan it took them 3 days to reply i thought mybe there email is not active anymore and im soo sad i keep on forwarding my mail hoping for them to reply… WAIT!!! mybe becoz of the RE: in the mail “please read” hahahahaha!!! thats why i changed it to this
    “Reservation Please” and they replied that was actually funny…!!!

    Whoooo! anyways im soo excited and i just hope when we are there in the Hotel please i dont want to get disappointed please please give Give me The Month of April!!! hopefully he’ll propose…. LOve Love!!!!

    Amihan Villa in Puerto Gallera!!!! On April 2011 HERE WE COME!!!!!

  7. hi.. my bf and I are planning to visit amihan villa this june for our 5th anniv.. I was wondering if its easy to go in and out of the place.. since we are also planning on visiting other places in galera..

    and is the food affordable? im a bit concern hearing that they have a private chef that the prices of their food might be sky high..lol

  8. what you see is what you get… i’ve been there in 2010.. regarding the nearest beach.. actually there is.. across the street lang. just ask ms. monica for the direction.

  9. how much is the ri to and fro the white beach..is the beach near amihan has entrance fee?how long will it take to walk the beach?

  10. Hi Aisa, I forgot how much the tricycle costs. Maybe you could just ask at Amihan. They also have contacts already – so better there.
    We did not go to the beach near Amihan Villa. White Beach is just very near so we just hang-out there. Thanks for dropping by!

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