I have been fussing over our upcoming four-day Singapore Trip for the past few days… and I’m going crazy! I can’t afford to not do well this time because I’m going to travel with my sisters and my 7-year old Angelo. Suffice it to say, I’m going ga-ga on our itinerary and for the first time, researched about every little detail of our trip.

We’re leaving on Saturday already via Diosdado Macapagal Airport in Clark. I have summarized below the issues that I have been trying to solve by means of crazily mining the world wide web in search for credible answers and suggestions:


1. How do we go to Clark (and vise versa)? – Philtranco Bus going there, and a rent-a-car going home. There’s a Bus terminal at the back of SM Megamall Building A that will take us to the airport for Php 300/head; Since our ETA Clark on Tuesday is at 7:45pm, we have no other choice but to rent a car. I got Leo’s Taxi’s cellphone number at the site of DMIA: I called him up and made an appointment for Php 2,500 (Clark to Mandaluyong).

Click this link for more options.

2. How do we move around the city? – I researched extensively on this because my son doesn’t like walking and long queues so if taking a cab or the bus is not that expensive, we’ll take it over the MRT. In the itinerary that I made below, I tried to be very realistic: taking the MRT in the morning when we still have energy; and just taking the cab going home because I’m anticipating that we’d all probably be so tired already from all the activities.


I made reservations already months prior the trip. I chose South East Asia Hotel because of its location and affordability. Plus, I don’t have to make any downpayment. I have been to Singapore twice, but haven’t explored Bugis and Little India yet, and because the hotel is right there, we’d be able to explore the night market and squeeze in some shopping as well.


I didn’t make any line-ups of restaurants that we will go to. Food tripping is not our priority and I’m sure we’ll eat at hawkers most of the time. But we’ll definitely eat at Bon Tong Kee! I feel in love with their Hainanese Chicken on those two times that I went there, and I’m sure my sisters will love their food too!


  • Universal Studios Singapore – this is the reason why we’re all excited to go! We’re lucky that USS has already been launched and that we’ll be able to enjoy it. The downside: entrance fee is sooooo expensive! Better be worth it!
  • Sentosa – I have been here, so probably we’ll just walk around, try the Luge and Skyride, and definitely see Songs of the Sea!
  • Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – I’ve heard mixed reviews particularly about the Night Safari. We’ll see…
  • Merlion, Singapore Flyer, Suntec, Esplanade – staple touristy thingy
  • Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Wisma Atria – Shopping!


To know more about Singapore, I asked my friends and former officemates who are/have worked in Singapore. I also read pages and pages of online resources: blogs, forums, and websites. Of particular note are the following:

For those who are curious, herewith is the itinerary slash expense estimator that I did. Your comments are welcome!


  Time Particulars Total Cost Cost per Person
        Adults Kid
DAY 1 7:00am Philtranco Bus Mla-Clk    1,200.00              300.00       300.00
    Travel Tax    5,870.00           1,620.00    1,010.00
    Airport fee    2,400.00              600.00       600.00
  12:20pm ETD CLK-SG      
  3:40pm ETA SG      
    Taxi Fare to SEA Hotel       858.00              214.50       214.50
  5:00pm Check in SEA Hotel 4d/3n)  11,682.00           2,920.50    2,920.50
  7:00pm MRT estimate to Esplanade       132.00                33.00        33.00
    Singapore Flyer, Merlion, Esplanade      
  9:00pm Suntec Lights Show, Dinner      
    Taxi estimate to Hotel       285.00                71.00        71.00
TOTAL      22,427.00           5,759.00    5,149.00
DAY 2 9:00am MRT to Rafles for Orchard       132.00                33.00        33.00
    Walk around Orchard, Wisma Atria, Lucky Plaza      
  1:00pm Singapore Attractions Express to Singapore Zoo       462.00              132.00        66.00
    Zoo and Night Safari with Tram    5,610.00           1,551.00       957.00
    Taxi to Hotel       789.03              197.25       197.25
TOTAL        6,993.03           1,913.25    1,253.25
DAY 3 9:00am MRT to Harbourfornt (Vivo City       211.20                52.80        52.80
    Sentosa Express       396.00                99.00        99.00
    Universal Studios    8,610.00           2,310.00    1,680.00
  8:40pm Sentosa – Songs of the Sea    1,400.00              350.00       350.00
    MRT to Hotel       211.20                52.80        52.80
TOTAL      10,010.00           2,864.60    2,030.00
DAY 4 9:00am free time – Chinatown?      
  1:00pm check out Hotel      
    Taxi Fare to Airport       910.00              227.50       227.50
  4:20pm ETD SG      
  7:45pm ETA CLK      
    Taxi from Clk-Mla    2,500.00              625.00       625.00
TOTAL        3,410.00              852.50       852.50
    GRAND TOTAL  42,840.03          11,389.35    9,284.75
* translated to Peso based on Php33=SGD1 rate
* food and shopping allowance not included


14 comments on “Pre Planning: 3 Days Before The Big Singapore Vacation”

  1. Oh wow I bet this will be very helpful for those planning a trip to Singapore! I’ve only been there once and it was a long time ago. I think I should go back soon. 😉

  2. Thank you. This is really helpful. I’m taking my mom to Singapore this August (for her birthday) and my travel agent’s charging me a horrific amount for 5D4N. Glad to see this post.

  3. thanks rayanne! singapore’s actually very easy to DIY. no need to avail of travel agencies anymore. 🙂 let me know if you need any help. i’m hoping i could find time soon to blog about our trip, baka makatulong. 🙂

  4. hi was wondering, how many hours fro manila will it take for you to get to the airport? sa airport na ba mismo ikaw ibaba?

  5. Hi! Your blog is really helpful. We’re also planning a trip to Singapore on October. I’m also considering SEA Hotel. How was your stay? Would you recommend it to us? Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi Shane! SEA Hotel is nice. The building is old but they’ve refurbished the rooms. Very clean too. Value for money for me… Will post a review and more photos soon. 🙂

  7. Thanks! i’ll be waiting for more of your reviews. Were you able to follow your itinerary? 🙂 Is it ok to go to Universal Studio and go around Sentosa in just 1 day? We only have three days for the tour..
    we have to maximize our time 🙂 If you have any suggestions, it will surely be a big help to us. Thanks in advance 🙂 God Bless..

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