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Good to be Back!

I finally have my domain back! Yey!

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I last updated this blog. A lot (and I mean A LOT!) has happened since then. I got pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, moved houses, started my online business, went to a lot of family-friendly resorts nearby, travelled for work and leisure, attended several weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, Macy celebrated her first birthday, etc! I don’t even know where to start! Hahaha.

Just breaking the ice here…. And trying to get used to wordpress again…

Watch out for more catching up posts!


Meet My New Assistant!

The dress form plays a very important role in sewing. Having this makes sure the drape and fit is perfect without having to personally squeeze in through unfinished garment in between stitches.

I was finally able to squeeze in some time this weekend to go to Divisoria and hunt for this baby. I have a couple of unfinished projects (crazy holiday season being my excuse), and having a dress form will help me complete them asap.

We started our search at 168 and 999 malls but didn’t find anything. I did a quick internet search and found a mannequin store at Tutuban Mall Primeblock so we went there. Mannequin sells all kinds of mannequins, dress forms, hangers, and sewing notions. I found one that i like complete with line guides but it costs php 2,600 so decided to look around more. Beside it, we saw dress forms on display outside of Michelle’s.

They sell dress forms of different sizes at half the price of Mannequins’. So i bought mine!

dress form

My dress form measures 34-27-36. It’s a medium. There’s small and large available too. Large size’s waistline is at 31 but since i’m projecting to loose weight, i chose the smaller one. Hehe.

I’m so excited to start working!

Interested to get one for yourself? Visit Michelle’s at L5 – L6 GF Tutuban Primeblock, Tel no 450-3199. They’re just accross RCBC Bank, and beside the Tutuban Mall elevator

Sewing Machine Shopping at Manila Port Area

Last September, I saw my SOFA classmate’s pink Brother machine in class and was so inggit with it! Moreso when I learned that she got it at a quarter of the price of a brand new machine! So I dragged my sister to Pier in Manila to scout for some portable sewing machines as an advance birthday present for myself.

I am not really familiar with the Manila Port Area so we decided to just commute going there. It was easy, actually. We went through the MRT-LRT-Jeep route and was there in no time. We immediately saw Store #1 I-J which was pretty popular in the blogosphere so we decided not to roam around anymore (since I read that there are a lot of pick pockets in the area).

They have a wide variety of sewing machines of different colors and sizes and types, I was so confused! So I just asked the sales person to show me the best Brother sewing machine that they have on stock.




Super Inspired to Move On…

While blog-hopping this morning, I came accross Kaye Oflindo’s blog. She is a fashion designer who makes clothes on her spare time since she has a full-time job and has a family as well to take care of.  She designs/sews/sells custome-made clothes for various occasions and for several celebrities as well.

Perfectly what I have been dreaming of ever since. I want to be like her! 🙂

I really want to be a fashion designer someday. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with clothes and was into paper dolls, barbie dolls and stuff… I just didn’t really had the chance to learn how to sew and enrolling in a sewing class is something that I have been delaying and procrastinating on for so many years now..  What can I say.. SHOULD.START.NOW.

Maybe who knows, I’ll be the next Project Runway winner. Hehehe.

Hello 2011!

I’m back! 🙂

I realized I was out of the blogging scene for almost half a year. Well, blame it on my new job. I became very busy I don’t have time anymore to blog. I’m sure you also have those times when your mind goes numb after a long and stressful day in the office. :-S

But even if I have not been updating, the good news is, we kept on travelling and exploring. Our Singapore trip pushed thru, we went to weekend getaways in Casa Ibiza in Antipolo, Punta de Fabian in Rizal, Taal Vista in Tagaytay, to name a few, whenever our schedules permit. We also had the chance to enjoy the unique flavor of Laya (before they ceased to operate), watched John Mayer concert at Mall of Asia, screamed over a couple of PBA games in Araneta, and explored several more new restaurants.

So, what’s up for 2011?

My tagline for this year is “TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” This is my year, no more excuses. I have a lot of plans for this year and I intend to aggressively run after them. So far, I’m on track.

To start with, I decided to launch a new theme  – I have decided to keep it simple this time. No more fancy slideshows, complicated thumbnails, extra stuff that makes viewing the whole site even slower. I hope you like it. I personally love the kikay colors. 🙂

I’m excited to start the year! Next month we will be in Coron. And on my birthday, we will be in Malaysia. Those are only some of the adventures I intend to do this year. Will keep you posted!

Para Maiba Naman

I noticed that ever since I decided to transform this blog into an informational-travel-site, it seemed to lose the personal touch. My posts were – yes, informational – with a slight touch on myself, C, and the people around me. But I suddenly missed those days when I’d treat this blog as my own personal journal and just express all my happiness, my woes, and anger – without worrying what my readers would say.

So let me try to write something that way again…

I’m happy. Since the year started, things are going as I planned/wished/prayer for. I’m happy with C. In fact, I couldn’t even wish for anyone else. We complement each other very well. He goes along very well with my little angel. He’s the most supportive boyfriend ever. I can talk to him about anything under the sun. I know he loves me… and will never mistreat me. 🙂 On Sunday, we will celebrate our first anniversary in a private island in Puerto Galera. And I’m so excited! Three days all alone with him! That’s heaven!

I’ve also travelled since the year started. C and I explored Mindanao via Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin; and I just came back with my sisters from a four-day Singapore adventure. I’m still hoping it would be Cambodia next time. Or Kota Kinabalu.

In spite of everything though… I feel a twinge of sadness deep inside. A few days ago, I tendered my resignation here in my current company. I’ve grown so much here professionally after 6 years and now I leaving. I’ve received a very good offer from my dream company and will be given a regional role – and it’s a no-brainer: I just have to accept it. It’s hard for me to leave because I have a lot of good memories here. The four walls of our office have seen me grow and transform and fall in love. Most especially, our Managing Director is like my father. That’s the reason why I cried so much tears the whole time I was talking to him when I handed to him my resignation letter.

But I know I just have to do it. I have to prove to myself that I can succeed in any given situation.

I still pray… though I feel like He has already granted all my prayers during the first quarter of this year. The unexpected profit share was a plus. The laptop my Dad gave me as pasalubong last December wasn’t even expected. And the iTouch that I bought from my sister was a nice gift for myself. And I have my new domain name now!

I feel so blessed. I think this year’s my ultimate time to shine. 🙂 Prayers really do work wonders.

DIY Personal Retreat

I have decided to devote the whole day of Holy Friday for some serious soul searching somewhere in Tagaytay, as part of the design-it-yourself retreat activity I’ve come across in It was perfect timing actually, because recently, I’ve been feeling restless and feel that I need some quiet time to organize myself, my goals, and my life.

This decision brought along aseries of “firsts” for me – first time to go on a retreat, first time to spend the holy week (actually just one day of the whole week) away from my family (if you are from a typical Filipino family, this time of the year is time for some serious family bonding), and first time to give time for myself away from the people that normally surrounds me.

So how does a DIY retreat work? I lifted the following guidelines from

The Crossroads Retreat
Perfect For:

Those points of transition in your life or your career, when you feel like you need to choose between two (or more!) different opportunities for growth.

Questions to Consider in Your Journal:

– If you had all the money you would ever need and you knew that there was no chance in the world that you would fail… which choice would you make?

– When you look at your choices and you look ahead five years from now, which version of your life has the power to inspire you more?

You Know Your Retreat Is Going Well When:

You are able to distinguish between “warning signs” and “normal fear.” Whenever we encounter an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and really grow, we all experience a moment of fear. Many people interpret this fear as an inner warning not to continue. Learn to recognize the difference by digging underneath that fear: if you find “excitement” and “future strength” underneath it, then you’re on the right track. But if you find a persistent sense of “something not being right,” then simply review your choices, clear your mind, and start again.

photo from

There’s actually another typre of retreat mentioned in the article, called: The Heart-Healing Retreat. This is perfect for people undergoing times of longing and loneliness—whether in a relationship, are considering ending one, are currently recovering from the loss of one, or have been single for some time. I am generally happy and contented with C, and is very grateful for everything that we have been thru in almost a year that we have been together, so I think I’ll focus more on the first part.

Have a blessed week everyone!

My Band Aid Story

A while ago, i was getting weird looks from the people inside a mall in Taguig. Why? Because of this band aid (the type that we put on our knees) that my dermatologist plastered in my face.


I had a procedure at Clarity Aesthetic Center earlier to drain the “cysts” in my face that just popped out of nowhere. It scared the hell out of me, but it was just like popping out an oversized blackhead, really.

I started noticing this little dot about a month ago. It looked like a mole from afar. I got alarmed though because it was getting bigger and bigger everyday, so I had it checked already yesterday.

Turned out, those mole-looking pests were cysts that decided to join forces to form a bigger circle. Yuck!


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