Dreams Do Come True!

A year ago, the Macy’s Dollhouse Facebook Page was launched.

It’s always been my dream to learn how to make my own clothes but somehow, some things got in the way hence I was not able to pursue it. When I had my youngest in 2014 – a little girl who we named Macy – that’s when my dream resurrected so to speak. I started by making dresses for her, which you can view as a public Facebook album here. Then last January 2016, I volunteered to make the tutu skirts for a cousin’s wedding at Punta Fuego. After that, I received several inquiries about my dresses and tutu skirts, hence Macy’s Dollhouse was born.

A year after, we’ve made several fabric dolls for kids up to as far as Cebu, we’ve sewn flower girls dresses for a couple of weddings, and more are lined up for 2017! The best is yet to come!

At Macy’s Dollhouse, we aim to deliver the most beautiful gowns for your flower girls at a reasonable price and with utmost convenience. So, if you are looking for cute flower girl gowns for your wedding, of if your little one needs a dress for any special occasion, Let’s talk! I’m excited to help you!


Maternity Photoshoot with Lai de Guzman

While pregnant with Macy, I made sure I’d be able to tick all my to-dos in my checklist. One of which was to do a maternity photo shoot with none other than our wedding photographer, Lai de Guzman.

Lai was our unanimous choice then to be the lead photographer on our wedding among all the Imagine Nation photographers at that time. Her natural, candid and fun style really captured our hearts! So naturally, she was our first and only choice to capture this another milestone in our lives.

We booked Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences for the shoot. We love it! The vibrant walls served as the perfect backdrop, and the balcony was so nice! I didn’t pass up the opportunity to have a couple of shots there of course. 🙂

I was already on my 36th week when we shot this. My only request to Lai was that there should be no tummy-baring  shots for me and topless shots for C. Hahaha. So it’s safe to scroll down further. hehehe.

Thank you Lai for another fun and memorable shoot!

Waiting for Macy











Good to be Back!

I finally have my domain back! Yey!

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I last updated this blog. A lot (and I mean A LOT!) has happened since then. I got pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, moved houses, started my online business, went to a lot of family-friendly resorts nearby, travelled for work and leisure, attended several weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, Macy celebrated her first birthday, etc! I don’t even know where to start! Hahaha.

Just breaking the ice here…. And trying to get used to wordpress again…

Watch out for more catching up posts!


Meet My New Assistant!

The dress form plays a very important role in sewing. Having this makes sure the drape and fit is perfect without having to personally squeeze in through unfinished garment in between stitches.

I was finally able to squeeze in some time this weekend to go to Divisoria and hunt for this baby. I have a couple of unfinished projects (crazy holiday season being my excuse), and having a dress form will help me complete them asap.

We started our search at 168 and 999 malls but didn’t find anything. I did a quick internet search and found a mannequin store at Tutuban Mall Primeblock so we went there. Mannequin sells all kinds of mannequins, dress forms, hangers, and sewing notions. I found one that i like complete with line guides but it costs php 2,600 so decided to look around more. Beside it, we saw dress forms on display outside of Michelle’s.

They sell dress forms of different sizes at half the price of Mannequins’. So i bought mine!

dress form

My dress form measures 34-27-36. It’s a medium. There’s small and large available too. Large size’s waistline is at 31 but since i’m projecting to loose weight, i chose the smaller one. Hehe.

I’m so excited to start working!

Interested to get one for yourself? Visit Michelle’s at L5 – L6 GF Tutuban Primeblock, Tel no 450-3199. They’re just accross RCBC Bank, and beside the Tutuban Mall elevator

#1: A Forever21 Favorite

I love dresses. I so love them that I wear them to work everyday. People actually get surprised when they see me in slacks or jeans – that’s how seldom I veer away from my favorite comfy skirts and dresses. 🙂 So naturally, now that I’m learning how to sew, I intend to make dresses – lot’s of them.

After lots of practice and wasted fabric, I was able to finish my first ever dress last weekend! It was patterned after a favorite dress cut from Forever21. I own 3 of them!


I made a vintage-cut knee length style dress made of cotton stripes fabric with lots of colors! It’s a happy dress! I used the pattern we drafted at class and just made variations with the skirt for a “pleated” look.

The tutorial that I followed in terms of attaching the lining was from Rae’s blog. I watched a lot of lining tutorials and hers is the easiest to follow that I saw.

… And here’s the dress!

May Dress edit

Not bad for a first timer, eh? I had to make some adjustments with it since I gained some pounds since I had my measurements taken. hehe. But overall, I’m happy with it and can’t wait to wear it at work!

Will post some tutorials soon!

Sewing Machine Shopping at Manila Port Area

Last September, I saw my SOFA classmate’s pink Brother machine in class and was so inggit with it! Moreso when I learned that she got it at a quarter of the price of a brand new machine! So I dragged my sister to Pier in Manila to scout for some portable sewing machines as an advance birthday present for myself.

I am not really familiar with the Manila Port Area so we decided to just commute going there. It was easy, actually. We went through the MRT-LRT-Jeep route and was there in no time. We immediately saw Store #1 I-J which was pretty popular in the blogosphere so we decided not to roam around anymore (since I read that there are a lot of pick pockets in the area).

They have a wide variety of sewing machines of different colors and sizes and types, I was so confused! So I just asked the sales person to show me the best Brother sewing machine that they have on stock.




Officially a SOFA Student!

To those who know me, it is no secret that I am a frustrated fashion designer. Back when I was younger, my paper doll’s dresses were not only made of ordinary paper, but of various materials of different texture like tissue paper, craft, even onion skin and other recycled materials. I would tie them up with glue and scotch tape, so my dolls would look 3-dimensional godesses with long flowing drapes and intricate designs. Too bad I wasn’t able to preserve them.

Since I started working, I’ve been wanting to enroll myself to sewing lessons so I could just make my own clothes. Somehow though, something happens so it would’nt push thru. Some 5 years ago, I actually gathered perfect timing to enroll in a fashion school near my house. I dropped out after three sessions because I find my instructor so “masungit” and unapproachable.  I think the one-on-one style is not for me

Many years later, here comes the nagging feeling again. I felt that this is the best timing, before baby blues come our way. 🙂 As long as it’s Saturdays and it’s going to be classroom type, even if it’s more expensive, I will go. So I started researching again and found out about SOFA’s fast-track fashion courses!

Blog Sofa

SOFA, or School of Fashion and the Arts is located in Makati. Here is how it was described in their website:


Rustic & Handmade Charm : Our Wedding

We did it! 🙂 after a year of careful planning and detailing, our wedding is finally over! And just as we have envisioned it to be, our special day was laid back and fun, intimate, and simple with cute little details. It was simply the best day of our lives. :).

Our overall theme was “rustic and handmade” and until now we still hear praises about how our wedding was so beautiful and so heartfelt. It’s the simplicity with splashes of design that mattered – we wanted details without going over the top. Each was carefully thought about, individually at that – and during the wedding day itself, we were amazed how each of the items we purchased and/or made fit together so perfectly! To be honest, what happened that day was even more than how I originally thought of. God really blessed us with everything – even the beautiful sunshine that He showered us that day.

I’m proud to say that we are proof that you need not spend much to make your dream wedding a reality. Our total spend could probably be just half of the budget of the other weddings I witnessed. It all boils down to prioritizing must-haves vs wants, getting suppliers who can deliver, has a reputable name, but doesn’t cost much. I probably spent every night of the last 365 days researching about weddings and stuff, but it’s definitely worth it!

Of course, there are elements too that we let ourselves splurge a little bit. Cholo had his own panggulat moment as well and nag-change outfit din sya sa reception. We billeted at Oakwood Hotel which set us back a couple of thousands more than the other option. I also had a brooch bouquet done instead of the fresh one that comes with the package (thanks Cheri Handicrafts!). Lastly, and probably the biggest splurge, was getting Moki Gray as stylist to do my ceremony altar and the photo station for the photo booth.

 So here you go, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy our wedding photos! 🙂




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