I finally have my domain back! Yey!

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I last updated this blog. A lot (and I mean A LOT!) has happened since then. I got pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, moved houses, started my online business, went to a lot of family-friendly resorts nearby, travelled for work and leisure, attended several weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, Macy celebrated her first birthday, etc! I don’t even know where to start! Hahaha.

Just breaking the ice here…. And trying to get used to wordpress again…

Watch out for more catching up posts!


The dress form plays a very important role in sewing. Having this makes sure the drape and fit is perfect without having to personally squeeze in through unfinished garment in between stitches.

I was finally able to squeeze in some time this weekend to go to Divisoria and hunt for this baby. I have a couple of unfinished projects (crazy holiday season being my excuse), and having a dress form will help me complete them asap.

We started our search at 168 and 999 malls but didn’t find anything. I did a quick internet search and found a mannequin store at Tutuban Mall Primeblock so we went there. Mannequin sells all kinds of mannequins, dress forms, hangers, and sewing notions. I found one that i like complete with line guides but it costs php 2,600 so decided to look around more. Beside it, we saw dress forms on display outside of Michelle’s.

They sell dress forms of different sizes at half the price of Mannequins’. So i bought mine!

dress form

My dress form measures 34-27-36. It’s a medium. There’s small and large available too. Large size’s waistline is at 31 but since i’m projecting to loose weight, i chose the smaller one. Hehe.

I’m so excited to start working!

Interested to get one for yourself? Visit Michelle’s at L5 – L6 GF Tutuban Primeblock, Tel no 450-3199. They’re just accross RCBC Bank, and beside the Tutuban Mall elevator

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#1: A Forever21 Favorite

I love dresses. I so love them that I wear them to work everyday. People actually get surprised when they see me in slacks or jeans – that’s how seldom I veer away from my favorite comfy skirts and dresses. 🙂 So naturally, now that I’m learning how to sew, I intend to make dresses – lot’s of them.

After lots of practice and wasted fabric, I was able to finish my first ever dress last weekend! It was patterned after a favorite dress cut from Forever21. I own 3 of them!


I made a vintage-cut knee length style dress made of cotton stripes fabric with lots of colors! It’s a happy dress! I used the pattern we drafted at class and just made variations with the skirt for a “pleated” look.

The tutorial that I followed in terms of attaching the lining was from Rae’s blog. I watched a lot of lining tutorials and hers is the easiest to follow that I saw.

… And here’s the dress!

May Dress edit

Not bad for a first timer, eh? I had to make some adjustments with it since I gained some pounds since I had my measurements taken. hehe. But overall, I’m happy with it and can’t wait to wear it at work!

Will post some tutorials soon!

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Last September, I saw my SOFA classmate’s pink Brother machine in class and was so inggit with it! Moreso when I learned that she got it at a quarter of the price of a brand new machine! So I dragged my sister to Pier in Manila to scout for some portable sewing machines as an advance birthday present for myself.

I am not really familiar with the Manila Port Area so we decided to just commute going there. It was easy, actually. We went through the MRT-LRT-Jeep route and was there in no time. We immediately saw Store #1 I-J which was pretty popular in the blogosphere so we decided not to roam around anymore (since I read that there are a lot of pick pockets in the area).

They have a wide variety of sewing machines of different colors and sizes and types, I was so confused! So I just asked the sales person to show me the best Brother sewing machine that they have on stock.



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Officially a SOFA Student!

To those who know me, it is no secret that I am a frustrated fashion designer. Back when I was younger, my paper doll’s dresses were not only made of ordinary paper, but of various materials of different texture like tissue paper, craft, even onion skin and other recycled materials. I would tie them up with glue and scotch tape, so my dolls would look 3-dimensional godesses with long flowing drapes and intricate designs. Too bad I wasn’t able to preserve them.

Since I started working, I’ve been wanting to enroll myself to sewing lessons so I could just make my own clothes. Somehow though, something happens so it would’nt push thru. Some 5 years ago, I actually gathered perfect timing to enroll in a fashion school near my house. I dropped out after three sessions because I find my instructor so “masungit” and unapproachable.  I think the one-on-one style is not for me

Many years later, here comes the nagging feeling again. I felt that this is the best timing, before baby blues come our way. 🙂 As long as it’s Saturdays and it’s going to be classroom type, even if it’s more expensive, I will go. So I started researching again and found out about SOFA’s fast-track fashion courses!

Blog Sofa

SOFA, or School of Fashion and the Arts is located in Makati. Here is how it was described in their website:

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We did it! 🙂 after a year of careful planning and detailing, our wedding is finally over! And just as we have envisioned it to be, our special day was laid back and fun, intimate, and simple with cute little details. It was simply the best day of our lives. :).

Our overall theme was “rustic and handmade” and until now we still hear praises about how our wedding was so beautiful and so heartfelt. It’s the simplicity with splashes of design that mattered – we wanted details without going over the top. Each was carefully thought about, individually at that – and during the wedding day itself, we were amazed how each of the items we purchased and/or made fit together so perfectly! To be honest, what happened that day was even more than how I originally thought of. God really blessed us with everything – even the beautiful sunshine that He showered us that day.

I’m proud to say that we are proof that you need not spend much to make your dream wedding a reality. Our total spend could probably be just half of the budget of the other weddings I witnessed. It all boils down to prioritizing must-haves vs wants, getting suppliers who can deliver, has a reputable name, but doesn’t cost much. I probably spent every night of the last 365 days researching about weddings and stuff, but it’s definitely worth it!

Of course, there are elements too that we let ourselves splurge a little bit. Cholo had his own panggulat moment as well and nag-change outfit din sya sa reception. We billeted at Oakwood Hotel which set us back a couple of thousands more than the other option. I also had a brooch bouquet done instead of the fresh one that comes with the package (thanks Cheri Handicrafts!). Lastly, and probably the biggest splurge, was getting Moki Gray as stylist to do my ceremony altar and the photo station for the photo booth.

 So here you go, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy our wedding photos! 🙂



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Last March, we had Imagine Nation shoot our “official” Prenup Pictures. After a long thought, C and I decided to have our photos taken at one of our favorite places – Lake Pandin. We just love the laid back feel of the place! Thank God for the good weather!




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I had a hard time deciding how my wedding gown will look like. What I was only sure of is that I don’t want to splurge much but I want to look sexy and modern, without veering away from my style and personality.

When I first met Amonn last September, I knew he’s the one. His sketch was spot on, his price reasonable, and he can do Cholo’s attire as well. He had very reasonable packages, but we later on decided to just get the “major ones” from him. He’s also very flexible, and his shop (whose interiors I really really love!) is just nearby.


And here is my own gown’s sketch!

amonn 3

My gown has two looks – the tulle skirt is detachable, such that during the reception my skirt will be a mermaid-style, all lace sexiness!!!

I’m so excited! I am praying and putting all my hopes and confidence that Amonn can execute the design. I can’t wait for my first fitting in March! :)

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Beauty call is one of two suppliers that we booked though wedding fairs (yup, only 2.. we made sure we wouldn’t fall into the common trap of being blinded with freebies and sweet promises :-) ). We got the chance to chat with Joy, one of the artists, and upon learning that they know our photographers very well, we booked them on the spot.

That was 4 months ago..

Today I had my trial hair and makeup with Eula Esmeralda of beauty call. We are having our video shoot with Stephen wedding films in the afternoon so I purposely scheduled my trial session with her today. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone!


We went to beauty call’s newly renovated studio in Greenhills. Going there is a breeze.. They are conveniently located in between Abenson and Amici along Connecticut street. Since they’ve just recently renovated, the studio is still bare of decorations, but I so love the pink walls!

This is me before…




And after!


During trial, Eula did the airbrush makeup technique on me. I’ve always been intrigued by airbrush and have always wondered why it’s so much more expensive. Well, it has a more polished finish, and I think actual application is easier and faster, but after an hour under the sun, my pores were visible already. I guess airbrush is better if you’re doing the shoot indoors, but it still worked well for me today.

Overall, I love my look! The curls of my hair stayed even until evening, and my make-up didn’t need much touch-up all throughout the day! I love the sweet look and the romantic curls. I know Eula and her team will do a great job on our wedding day!


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Stephen Prado is a promising young videographer slowly making a name in the wedding industry. After watching probably hundreds of wedding videos online, one of the few videographers whom Cholo liked was Stephen. After our initial meeting last July, we booked him for the wedding already.

One of my reasons for favoring Stephen would be his creative and pocket-friendly concept videos. We had raw videos of the proposal that we would like to share during the wedding and Stephen agreed to do it. We just had a little difficulty communicating as he was so busy last December but I regard him highly for still attempting to update us even if he’s super busy.


Today we had our video shoot with Stephen’s team. And nag-enjoy talaga kami! They’re funny and easy to work with, and Stephen was very patient in directing us on what to do. I can’t wait to see the videos!


Side note: where else did we shoot our video but Makati garden club? Great ambiance, privacy, beautiful garden, accessible, and most of all, we got it for free! This is where Cholo proposed so this place will always have a very special spot in our hearts. :)


Edited to add: Our concept video is out! So beautiful that I cried when I watched it first! Check the link here 🙂


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I was planning to blog about the Prenup Marathon event last October 13 but Imagine Nation beat me to it. They’ve released a comprehensive round-up a few days ago. See the link here 🙂

So let me just add some more of my thoughts, as a marathon-er and soon to be bride..

We didnt really know what to expect so we just packed whatever nice clothes we have in our closets for the shoot. Cholo and I are both practical, so we just wanted to keep our looks simple and wouldn’t want to bring too much stuff. I had my hair and makeup done in a salon prior to going to the PNR station. Upon arrival, we were made to pick from the bowl to know which photographers are assigned to us. Each photographers have their own themes, to set the mood and feel of the shoot.

photo lifted from imaginenationphoto.com

Much to my delight, we picked the 3 protographers I was most intrigued in – Alex Ruelo (Lights, Camera, Action), Larry Leong (Rain or Shine) and Jed Ray Calara (Sweetheart Athletes). The whole shoot took about 3 hours, and it was almost dark when we finished.

Later that day, we walked away exhausted from the numerous costume changes and endless poses and smiling. In spite of these though, it’s a very unforgettable experience because I felt a deeper strenghtening of the bond  between me and my fiance. I felt our love grow stronger by leaps and bounds after the shoot.

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Yes, you read it right. I’m getting married… finally! 🙂

Finally because as a single mom, there were times when I was losing hope already that I will be able to find someone who will be willing to take the risk with me.

… and because ever since Cholo and I became an item, I have been secretly dreaming of spending the rest of my life with him.  I think it has even turned into a funny obsession already at some point. Hehe.

I met Cholo 5 years ago at work. We were both headhunters from sister companies, so although we’re in the same building and attend the same company events, we have different sets of friends and not really talk at all. It was only in 2009 when we really became friends and discovered our common interests in blogging, photography, travel, and food. We were also both graduates of UP.

The next three years went by and we are stronger than ever. Cholo is the kindest and most understanding man I have ever met, and he loved me and was always there for me. Most especially, my son adores him and vice versa. That, in itself, is more than enough for me.

I have been secretly waiting for him to propose marriage for the past year of our relationship. I had false expectations several times, and was beginning to lose hope. But… what I don’t know is that he has been secretly preparing for that day… and he made sure I will never ever forget.

The Proposal

May 18, 2012 was a very stressful day for me. I was about to deliver a presentation to all employees during our company’s townhall and I was so stressed for most of theday. That night, my friend Michelle asked me out for dinner “in a new hang-out place she wanted to try out in Makati.” Cholo was on sick leave that day so I agreed.

We met at Leviste in Makati where a cab was already waiting for us.  The driver took us to this place inside Urdaneta Village where “the said hang-out place” is. It was Makati Garden Club.

Upon entering the place, the first person I saw was another friend – Pam. First thing I noticed were the rose petals by her feet. Then there were photographers. At that point I wasn’t able to recognize anyone other than Pam. She handed to me a balloon with a photo of Tagaytay and inset was Cholo and I’s photo. There was also a handwritten note from Cholo for me to read.

the Tagaytay note read: Hi love! Tagaytay was our very first out of town trip together. It was the beginning of many “firsts” in our relationship. From then on, I knew we had something very special :)

By then I knew. That was it. The moment I have been waiting for!
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Almost a month after our college mini-reunion, I’m still craving for Sonya’s Garden buffet lunch. BIG TIME.

I’ve been to Sonya’s twice already. First was in 2009 during C and I’s first out-of-town trip to try their spa treatments. We went back a year later to buy some “pasalubong” spanish bread in their bakery. Both times we did not eat nor stayed there overnight. I wasn’t really interested to try their in-house food simply because I’m not really a fan of vegetables and “healthy” food. When in Tagaytay, the first food that comes to mind is that ever-sinful-but-super-yummy-BULALO. 🙂

So when I had this opprotunity to experience what dining is Sonya’s is about, I was so excited. Moreso, it’s my chance to reconnect with my college buddies who I haven’t seen in years!

We were there on a Sunday on a long weekend and the place was packed. Good thing, we had prior reservations so even if we were late for about an hour, we were immediately seated. Upon entering Sonya’s Garden’s dining hall, we were already awed by the cool ambience and relaxed vibe. White is the motif of the hall and even the tablecloths are white. I kept on thinking, they must have a hard time with the laundry. hehe.

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Ever since, I’ve always wanted to spend my birthday by way of an out-of-the-country trip with the people I love. So when I learned about this Air Asia seat sale early this year, I immediately booked four seats to Kota Kinabalu – an emerging tourist destination in Sabah, Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu (KK) has intrigued me for quite a while. I have read some blogs about KK and somehow I can’t forget the beauty that it has to offer. Back in 2010, it’s already in my list of must-go places. A perfect birthday treat for myself this year! And what made it even more special is that I’m with three of the most important people in my life.

This blog is an overview of our 4day-3night trip in Sabah and a description of how we were able to explore the city in the cheap by foot and by boat, and how we experienced luxury and pleasure after. Either way – it was a trip to remember, with a different flavor – which makes it truly unforgettable.

DAY 1 – Clark International Airport, Air Asia, Lavender Lodge, and Birthday Dinner at Seri Selera

Our flight leaves at 4pm via Clark so we had to take the 12pm Philtranco Bus in Megamall. This is the 2nd time we took this route since our Cebu Pacific flight via Singapore last April 2010 was also via Clark so I’m quite familiar with this already. For the second time, we did not make prior reservations but I still suggest to do so especially during peak season. After two hours, we were already at the Diosdado Macapagal Clark Airport.

This is my first time to ride an AirAsia plane so I’m also quite concerned with the actual flying experience. Quite frankly, being a budget airline, I was expecting small planes and delayed flights but luckily I was wrong! AirAsia planes are very nice, and never were our flights delayed. I will definitely choose them again next time.

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While blog-hopping this morning, I came accross Kaye Oflindo’s blog. She is a fashion designer who makes clothes on her spare time since she has a full-time job and has a family as well to take care of.  She designs/sews/sells custome-made clothes for various occasions and for several celebrities as well.

Perfectly what I have been dreaming of ever since. I want to be like her! 🙂

I really want to be a fashion designer someday. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with clothes and was into paper dolls, barbie dolls and stuff… I just didn’t really had the chance to learn how to sew and enrolling in a sewing class is something that I have been delaying and procrastinating on for so many years now..  What can I say.. SHOULD.START.NOW.

Maybe who knows, I’ll be the next Project Runway winner. Hehehe.

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Coron: The Easy Way

We were in Coron last Feb 11-13 to celebrate again the V-Day and C’s Birthday. Travelling during this season has somehow became a “tradition” for us since we became an item after our Camiguin trip last year.

Unlike our previous travels in Ilocos, Viaje del Sol, and Camiguin though, this time, we dropped our backpacks and decided to go the easy way – so instead of planning the trip ourselves, we availed of a package tour that covers everything that we need for 3 days and 2 nights in Coron.

Upon the recommendation of our friends, we booked Darayonan Lodge’s “Explore Coron Package” which is Php 7,500 per head for 2 pax including the rooms, food, and tours.

Suffice it so say, Coron is not cheap, especially if you’re not travelling with a group.

Day 1

Our plane left on time and landed at Busuanga Airport a little early. From the airport, we were picked-up by a van to Darayonan. We were with a few more tourists at that time but they were dropped in different resorts around the area.

Coron has some electricity problems during that time. There is no power during the day and electricity only comes back after 6pm. Darayonan Lodge have their own generator but cannot sustain airconditioning for all rooms.

After resting for about an hour, we had lunch at Darayonan then rode a tricycle going to the pier. We were with our guide, Rhea (who was the best guide ever), who brought with her our merienda and drinks. We also rented snorkeling gears for Php 100 per person per day back at the resort (we were so lucky because we were the first to use the gears and didn’t have to worry if those were sanitized. hehe).

our first stop - Smith's Point Beach. We didn't stay long because it was too hot and we were not yet in the mood to swim.

Twin Lagoon - our banca had to park a few meters away and we had to swim going to the lagoon. I don't know how to swim and I was terrified because even if I have lifevest on, I sort of panicked when my feet cannot feel the ground already. So Rhea (our guide) literally had to drag me to our destination. :-S. It was high tide that time, so we had to climb up a wooden ladder.

Kayangan Cove - is the most photographed spot in Coron. However, we learned that the one in the photograh is not yet Cayangan, but just the view on your way there. We had to endure a short (but challenging) climb going there. After that, you will be greeted by the serene lake.

C enjoying the waters of Cayangan.

We ended the day with a dip at Maquinit Hot Springs. A good way to relax our bodies after a long day of swimming and sightseeing. 🙂

Day 2

We don’t have much pictures of our Day 2 Tour because we’re mostly immersed in water and C had a good time playing with the disposable underwater camera (whose film is not yet developed – so no underwater pictures for this blog as well).

We started the day early. By 7am we were already at the pier.

@ the pier while waiting for our banca

Our first stop for day 2 is Barracuda Lake. It was nothing spectacular, only so quiet and there’s and eeriness I can’t explain. We did not stay long there.

Water so still @ Barracuda Lake

Our next stop is snorkeling at Siete Pecados. According to our guide, it is the most popular snorkeling site in Coron. Had a great time feeding the blue and yellow fishes, right, but the water current is so strong I had to hold on to a rope to prevent me from being washed away.

We ate our lunch at Banol Beach, which looks the same as Smith’s Point, only it has its own sari-sari store. hehe. Food (included in our package), was okay… but I wished there’s crab and shrimp other than fish and meat.

Our last – and definitely the highlight – destination was the Skeleton Wreck. I freak out with the thought of seeing actual shipwrecks underwater so I just stayed on the other side and marveled at the various fishes and corals underwater. Definitely safer that Siete Pecados and more varieties of fishes in there! Obviously, this was where we stayed the longest. 🙂

Our tour ended earlier than scheduled. So by 2pm, we were already back at the hotel.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was our dinner at Kawayanan Grill. More of our love affair with Mr. Lobster here.

Day 3

After breakfast, we don’t have anything to do already. We were dreading the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas so this was our least priority. But since we can’t think of anything else to do, we decided to give it a try.

And are we able to reach the top for a photo-op with the cross? Find out here. 🙂

All in all, it was a good retreat from all the stresses at work and at home. I had a great time with all the water activities even if I don’t know how to swim, but I was not really blown away, unlike some accounts I read. For me, Coron is just like Hundred Islands – only bigger and more expensive.

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Ever since I transferred jobs, C and I make it a point to meet every Friday night for our weekly-extra-special dates. I was feeling low and uninspired the past few days so C planned a very special dinner for us both.

Good thing Friday nights are my “cheat nights.” Meaning, I can forget about this “Biggest Loser” challenge with my teammates and just eat to my heart’s desires. 😀

Chef’s Table is Chef Bruce’s take on Filipino food. I have seen Chef Bruce’s cooking show in one of the local channels before (not sure if it still exists though), and I was amazed by his unconventional approach to cooking. I have also read about him at Happy Monthsary’s blog, and they were happy with the unique experience.

So I have very high expectations with this restaurant…

Chef’s Table is located at The Fort. We had some difficulties finding the place as the area where they are is not yet developed. The building where they are located is still under construction.

Open, intimate, and definitely not intimidating facade

We were seated at the mezzanine so we had a very good view of what’s happening in the kitchen. They literally prepare everything in front of the guests. I had a great time watching them moving around getting busy preparing my order. 🙂 Over there is Chef Bruce.

for our appetizer, we had CEBUANA CHILI CHICKEN WINGS (Php 210) - Lightly battered deep fried chicken wings smothered with Cebu-inspired sweet chili sauce. I'm not much of fan of chicken wings, but this one I love!

PRAWN ALIGUE MY WAY (Php 350) - Prawns on a bed of sotanghon flavored with aligue sauce wrapped in banana leaf, oven baked to perfection. Good, but order comes with only 2 medium-sized shrimps! We had to order another viand because of this.

DINUGUAN (Php 330) - A combination of crispy and soft pork belly in an Ilocos-inspired savory sauce topped with chili fingers. If you're wondering why it's not black, then that's because the meat was cooked separately from the sauce. You have to mix it to get the "dinuguan" color. It was not such a hit for me.

SALTED EGGS AND MINCED PORK (Php 120) - classic tortang talong enhanced with salted eggs.

All in all, we enjoyed our dinner. The staff are very attentive and anticipates our needs. I also appreciate the twist they make on the usual Filipino dishes. However, for me, it’s one of those restaurants that are “good to try once” but I might not be excited if I were to go back. Or maybe it’s just the effect of my diet. 😛

Still, I recommend that you try it. Oh, and if it’s your birthday, the Chefs might also sing a song for you – like our fellow guest-grandma downstairs. 🙂

Chef’s Table

Unit 106 The Infinity Tower 26th Street The Fort Global City Taguig, Philippines


Unit 106 The Infinity Tower 26th Street The Fort Global City Taguig, Philippines

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I never had a chance to blog about our Singapore family vacation last April 2010. It was a blast, yes, and it’s mostly because we had a super sulit hotel accommodation at South East Asia Hotel.

If I remember it correctly, we paid more or less SGD 100 per night for a deluxe room. Our room had 3 beds, and a bathroom (not that big, but good enough for me). Our room had cable TV, basic toiletries, and they clean the rooms everyday. Not to mention the location is very good.

Would I recommend it? Yes, definitely. The hotel might be old but well-maintained. If you are the type of traveller who is not after the luxury of hotels but wants to stay in a clean, safe place, then SEA Hotel is for you. I had my 7-year old son with me and he did not complain or felt uncomfortable. There’s cable TV with a few cable channels.

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A Tribute to Laya

I only learned about the sad news today – Laya, that beautiful and cozy personal dining restaurant in Antipolo that went we to last July 2010, has closed down.

It is so unfortunate – both for those who have not been given the chance to experience the incredible dining experience at Laya, and for those people like me who have tried it, but couldn’t wait to eat there again.

Laya is just perfect – it is near the metro but far enough to avoid the pollution and usual rush. The place is pretty, the owners and the servers very friendly, and of course, the food is superb. Even if they charge 750/head, it was all worth it. Even cheap actually, considering the quality.

I haven’t had the chance to blog about our unique experience there last July, so allow me to share with you some photos of the place, and the food that we were served, as a fitting tribute to Laya.

Both C and I had the Laya Signatures Menu. It is composed of a 5-course lunch set with unlimited Laya Signature Pandan Iced Tea (that is so refreshing I think I gulped 5 tall glasses during the whole meal!

Refreshing Signature Laya Pandan Iced Tea

Trio of Appetizers: Crabstick & Cream Cheese Dumpling with Spicy Mango Sauce; Shrimp & Chicken Wanton Bag with Thai Sweet Chili; and Stirfried Kaffir Lime Pork in Lettuce Wrap

Spiced Pumpkin & Cashew Nut Soup with Coconut Cream Froth

Grilled Spice-crusted Chicken Strips with Mixed Greens in Ginger Soy Dressing

Fresh Lime & Mango Sorbet

For the main course, we both had Herb-Marinated US HangingTender Steak in a Red Wine & Rosemary Reduction with Spiced Crushed Potatoes

Dark Chocolate and Black Pepper Tart with Candied Ginger & Basil-infused Crème Anglaise

So sweet! complimentary turon in chocnut dip (we were celebrating our 14th monthsary at that time)

We were so full after eating all those yummy food! It was one of those situations where in you are already full but can’t stop eating because all that were served looks and tastes yummy! This, coupled with the great ambience from our table.

Thank you to the talented husband-and-wife duo of Irene and Chef Ricci. Whatever your plan is, we’re all excited to see and feel your awesome existence in the scene again! 🙂

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Hello 2011!

I’m back! 🙂

I realized I was out of the blogging scene for almost half a year. Well, blame it on my new job. I became very busy I don’t have time anymore to blog. I’m sure you also have those times when your mind goes numb after a long and stressful day in the office. :-S

But even if I have not been updating, the good news is, we kept on travelling and exploring. Our Singapore trip pushed thru, we went to weekend getaways in Casa Ibiza in Antipolo, Punta de Fabian in Rizal, Taal Vista in Tagaytay, to name a few, whenever our schedules permit. We also had the chance to enjoy the unique flavor of Laya (before they ceased to operate), watched John Mayer concert at Mall of Asia, screamed over a couple of PBA games in Araneta, and explored several more new restaurants.

So, what’s up for 2011?

My tagline for this year is “TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.” This is my year, no more excuses. I have a lot of plans for this year and I intend to aggressively run after them. So far, I’m on track.

To start with, I decided to launch a new theme  – I have decided to keep it simple this time. No more fancy slideshows, complicated thumbnails, extra stuff that makes viewing the whole site even slower. I hope you like it. I personally love the kikay colors. 🙂

I’m excited to start the year! Next month we will be in Coron. And on my birthday, we will be in Malaysia. Those are only some of the adventures I intend to do this year. Will keep you posted!

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